Laser Treatments Information

Women often consider beauty procedures but don’t really know what is involved. One of these areas is with laser treatments available include. Laser treatment can be for: hair removal lasers, skin resurfacing lasers, tattoo removal lasers and Fraxel lasers.

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All these lasers perform various treatments and it really assists you to be informed prior to having a treatment on your body.

Hair removal lasers

These Lasers remove unwanted hair growth permanently, the procedure can be performed on abdomen, back, shoulders and bikini line. The procedure can even be used on the face and neck. These lasers can treat ingrown hairs in the face and neck on men also. If you are concerned about how it will effect your skin, there are different lasers for different types of skin and hair, treatments are tailored to your hair type and skin color to ensure that you get the best results.

Fraxel lasers

Fraxel lasers treat various skin conditions such as acne scarring, skin pigmentation issues including skin exposed to sun and wrinkles. These lasers assist the production of collagen and do not remove any layers of the skin; this therefore means that recovery time is fast.

Fraxel lasers can be used on the face, back of hands, neck; other areas can be considered but depends on your skin type and suitability.

Skin resurfacing is another treatment used to improve skin texture, remove fine lines and reverse skin damaged. The treatment involved treating the skin with various lasers, one popular laser is the carbon dioxide laser, which removes a layer of the skin very cautiously. This laser is sometimes used with the erbium laser; which removes a thin slice of skin also. This treatment may require some rest time and this should be considered.

Finally there are Tattoo removal lasers. The Q-Switched lasers send laser impulses over the tattoos to remove as much ink as possible from the skin. The treatment typically requires several visits and can be up to 20 sessions may be required. There are various lasers used and all tattoo colors can be treated.

As women and men beauty and cosmetic treatments are important to us now, however always ensure that you take care and feel comfortable with the physicians and treatments you are undergoing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be well informed.

The Victorian Cosmetic Institute offers qualified and experienced professionals in a friendly environment.

Dr Lanzer also performs Erbium laser treatments which is ideal for Laser Cosmetic Surgery. It provides a safe and less invasive method of restoring smoother, softer more youthful looking skin. It is designed to remove deep lines and wrinkles , sun damage, acne scars, pigmentation, blotching , freckles & solar keratosis. Both superficial and deep wrinkles respond to laser resurfacing and the most commonly treated area is around the eyes and mouth.

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