Eyelash Transplantation

Eyelash TransplantationAccording to statistics, the upper eyelid contains about 90-160 hairs reaching 8-12mm in length. The lower eyelid contains less number – 75-80 hairs of 6-8mm in length. Each month hairs are shed, and then they are replaced by new ones reaching the same length. It is a natural renewal process we have no influence upon. Unfortunately, no miraculous cream can cause eyelashes to grow longer and thicker. Eyelash length, thickness, color, and growth rate are genetically determined. Nevertheless, due to hair transplantation experiments, first performed by Dr. Diffenbach two centuries ago in 1822, today’s fashion-conscious women can obtain the eyelashes they have been dreaming about.

The Operation of Eyelash Transplantation

Eyelash transplantation procedure can be only compared to jeweler’s art. One careless move could spoil the overall result. Everything seems relatively simple at first sight. Hair grafts (50 per eyelid, as a rule) are taken from the back of the head and then transplanted into an upper lid.

The operation usually lasts for 1.5-2 hours under local anesthesia, and resembles typical hair transplantation procedure to treat baldness.

But to make each donor hair “take root”, it is first specially trimmed and then implanted into the eyelid using absorbable suture. If the procedure is successful and when the local inflammation settles down over a couple of weeks, a girl will stand out of the crowd due to her luxurious eyelashes.

Where the “Future Lashes” are Taken from

As a matter of fact, hair transplant technique, which involves moving hair follicles from the back of head to eyelids, was developed at first for the correction of birth eyelid defects and for injuries or burns treatment. Later, beauty industry made it available to everyone in beauty clinics.

Is Eyelash Transplantation Harmless?

Having performed hundreds of surgeries, doctors haven’t still managed to make a clear classification of contradictions and side effects. The duration of effect remains uncovered as well. The cosmetologists give us vague formulation that everything depends on each client’s individual characteristics. Nevertheless, women are ready to overlook all these omissions in chase of beauty.

Side Effect of Eyelash Transplantation

Among obvious side effects of the procedure only one is mentioned. The transplanted lashes retain their genetic hair characteristics and continue to grow vigorously, or even curl, after transplantation. So, no matter how funny it is, the beauties will have to trim them, or straighten in case of need. That is why plastic surgeons don’t recommend women with curly hair to resort to transplantation.

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