What Causes Dry Lip Skin in Winter?

The problem with peeling lip skin is known to many people. Once it gets cold outside, the lips are covered with some crust. This crust is eventually exfoliated and hangs in ugly pieces. Meanwhile, experts know how to prevent a similar situation and how to deal with it when necessary.


What Happens to Lips in Winter?

Moisture from the skin evaporates intensively in the cold, and since the lip skin is thin, this process will be more noticeable. If you have not got rid of your childhood habit of licking lips, you remember that the cause of peeling is wind.

Cheilitis Signs

The situation is different when the lips are constantly exfoliating, but in the cold it happens more intensively. Except exfoliating, one can suffer from burning and itching. In this case, as a rule, it is necessary to treat the disease called cheilitis. Cheilitis types may be different, so it is absolutely necessary to find the cause of your illness. The treatment largely depends on it.

What Causes Cheilitis?

Among the causes of cheilitis, experts mention stress, allergic reactions to lipstick, allergic reactions to the sun rays, a sharp drop of moisture, temperature, or pressure, and vitamin deficiency. For the lips not to be affected by wind, one can protect them with the help of hygienic or decorative lipsticks and creams. Many people use a baby cream or an ointment of the Bepanthen type. Cheilitis has a few variations, and each of them must be treated on its own. In any case, consult your doctor, and you will be assigned an effective treatment.

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