Brotox Getting Popular

Brotox is Botox for men. The procedure used to be somewhat exotic earlier, but the salons and plastic clinics now claim that male Botox is getting popular very rapidly.


InStyle says that the popularity of Brotox clearly increased last year. In 2012, the male Botox occupied 15% of the Botox market, but last year the figure was already 25%.

The increase is attributed to the fact that men are no less concerned about the problems of aging than women. However, there are some differences from female Botox. Men would prefer the procedure to be invisible. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery believes that American women accept the fact that their faces do not look purely natural, and some of them even strive to show they are rich enough to afford the procedure. Men, on the contrary, are not willing to look “artificial”.

Another trend that the American InStyle writes about is that men begin to care for their skin at a younger age than it was a few years ago.

So ladies, be prepared that your boyfriend will start to use Botox since the age of 25 years, and even earlier – just like you.

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