Best Vitamins for Woman’s Beauty

We have heard about the benefits of vitamins contained in fresh fruits and vegetables since childhood. But the role they play in skin care is still to be found out! Are there vitamins good for female youth?


In determining the effectiveness of anti-age cosmetics, it is wisest to follow the research of independent scientists and research laboratories. So we can be sure 100 percent that the information regarding the daunting rejuvenating properties of the new cream ingredients is not just another marketing tack of the manufacturer, but a scientifically proven fact.

Vitamin A

The effect of vitamin A on our skin is very beneficial. Under its influence, the appearance of the skin improves, it retains moisture, dryness, flaking and thinning are prevented, and its structure weakens with age to a lesser extent.

Fountain of Youth: Unfortunately, this useful vitamin can be found in foods in small amounts. Therefore, there is a reason to obtain it from cosmetic products. Night cream with retinol is a great solution for keeping your attractiveness!

Vitamin C

Portuguese scientists have shown that this form of ascorbic acid protects the skin cells DNA from damage and even promotes rapid healing of wounds. Due to the effect of vitamin C, the cells start their own genetic program of regeneration! Moreover, a diet rich in vitamin C reduces the manifestation of age-related changes in the skin – primarily, wrinkles and dryness!

Fountain of Youth: if the list of cream or serum ingredients that you want to use includes vitamin C, be sure to place the product in your makeup bag. This means that it contains at least 5% ascorbic acid. That is exactly the dose that is necessary for your skin.

Vitamin E

American scientists recommend applying sunscreens with vitamin E because they prevent skin aging under the ultraviolet light. In science, this process is known as photoaging. Those happy people, who used the makeup with this vitamin, were aging 24 per cent more slowly than those who abstained from this cosmetic experiment!

Fountain of Youth: 8 milligrams of vitamin E per day is the norm for women. Purchase vitamin E in the pharmacy! But keep in mind, if you exercise vigorously or regularly expose your body to heavy physical activity, your rate may be higher. A doctor will help you select the right amount.

Vitamin B9

Folic acid (vitamin B9) works perfectly in tandem with well-known vitamins B6 and B12. In this case, the action of the acid is similar to the effect of antioxidants that exhibit the improved appearance of the skin and return its healthy color. And if a jar of cream with folic acid contains creatine, you can be sure that this duo will promote collagen production and increase the concentration of collagen fibers. It eventually means the extension of your youth.

Fountain of Youth: apply the cream with folic acid for at least four weeks. The American researchers convince that during this time, your skin will improve, and the “crow’s feet” will get smoother.

Vitamin B12

Madonna once admitted in an interview that the injection of vitamin B12 is one of the secrets of her appeal. Many fans of the singer rushed to rejuvenate their skin following the celebrity’s prescription, but the scientists offer us another way! This is due to the fact that these injections are a relatively recent invention, and it is not fully understood yet. So is it worth the risk, if there is an alternative?

Fountain of Youth: vitamin B12 in food and cosmetics. This useful vitamin can be most often found in sardines, salmon and veal liver. As for the cosmetic products, vitamin B12 stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and skin elasticity increases. So any cream should definitely contain it!

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