Benefits of Exfoliation That Men Must Know Now

Men would benefit more from exfoliation compared to women. It is a fact that men have thicker skin than women. With exfoliation, it can help tone and soften the skin. The shedding will help make the skin clean, unclog the pores, and reduce acne breakouts in the long run.

Unfortunately, the majority of men use a bar of ordinary soap to wash their face. Soap can make your skin clean but it will not make it look healthy. Moreover, the ingredients present in the bar soap can block the pores in the long run. But with exfoliation, it can help expose the hair follicles and allows you to have a smooth shave.

You can exfoliate with the use of a face scrub. Do this the same way as you wash your face. First, rinse your face with warm water and apply the scrub. Next, put the scrub on your fingertips and massage it on your face in a circular motion. Rinse it with warm water. Now, here are the benefits of skin exfoliation:

Remove the Dirt

After a day of work or session at the gym, the dirt can accumulate at your skin. As such, you must spend some time and effort to upgrade cleaning your skin. One way to do it is by face scrub. Indeed, there are various benefits of face scrub. You can unclog your pores, eliminate the grime, and remove the dirt. Don’t forget to put moisturizer on your skin after you scrub it.

Repair the Skin from Damages

Every 30 days, the skin regenerates naturally. But the process can slow down as soon as you start aging. Exfoliation can act the same way with rejuvenating the skin cells. As such, it can boost the aging complexions.

Creates a Spot-Free Face

It’s common knowledge that the biggest contributor to having spot prone skin is sebum. This naturally occurring oil in the skin clogs the pores. Therefore, exfoliation will help you get rid of sebum; prevent spots, and blemishes in the face.

Remember, exfoliation is a deep skin process and you must do it on a regular basis. Over-exfoliation will strip the natural oil in the skin which is important in making the skin elastic. As such, it is recommended to exfoliate up to 2 to 3 times a week only.

Help in Shaving

One of the many benefits of face scrub before shaving is it helps unclog the pores. With this, the razor can glide smoothly when you start shaving. It lifts the beard hairs by showing the hair follicles. Thus helping you get rid of the ingrown hairs. This is indeed an important part of shaving that most men don’t realize.


Indeed, the face skin is sensitive and softer than other body parts, thus, you must take good care of it. There are multiple benefits of using a face scrub, especially for men. If you are still oblivion with the benefits of exfoliation, you just have to remember that it makes the skin attractive. With this in mind, it is better to do it on a regular basis with proper guidance from your dermatologist.