6 Important Reasons to Consider a Non-Surgical Facelift

If there is one thing which is common among all women who approach middle age, it would be that they are devastated when they see those age lines and that sagging skin begin to appear on their once radiant faces. With so many different kinds of treatment options, something can be done to prolong the appearance of youthful skin, but which option should they choose? If you are in a quandary over what kind of facelift would be right for you, here are some important reasons to consider a non-surgical approach.

1. Cost

There was a time when getting a facelift was reserved only for those who could afford the high cost involved in surgery, but with so many alternatives available today, that is no longer a huge concern. Yes, surgical facelifts are very costly and yes, most women can’t afford the cost. However, as stated above, there are other alternatives, so cost needn’t be the only factor. You can get a less expensive, and equally successful facelift without undergoing the knife.

2. Risks Associated with Surgery

The current terminology used for surgical procedures is often phrased as invasive vs. non-invasive surgeries. While you can still get the traditional facelift where you are put under anesthesia and then the surgeon cuts and lifts the skin, redepositing tissue, and fat cells, most women are now opting for a less invasive procedure due to the known risks. The most common fear associated with invasive surgeries like that mentioned above is the risks associated with anesthesia. Second to that would be the risk of infection. Finally, many women are afraid of the recovery time due to swelling often associated with surgical procedures. There are, indeed, many more risks involved in surgical procedures than non-surgical facelifts so that is something to be considered.

3. Options in Non-Surgical Facelifts

More and more of the world’s leading cosmetic surgeons are now advising their patients that there are other options, often equally as effective as invasive surgery for facelifts. However, what so many women don’t know is the fact that most of those renowned cosmetic surgeons are located in Southern California. This is probably due to the fact that there are so many Hollywood celebs seeking advanced treatments so that they can maintain their youthful appeal for that next big part. If you are looking for a non-surgical facelift, you might want to try the many different options offered by preferred Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons like those at Epione®. From Botox injections to laser surgery, every woman has choices which don’t involve being put under and sliced.

4. Reduced Recovery Time

When seeking a facelift, one of the big concerns (also mentioned above) is the amount of time you must wait before seeing real results. Sometimes it takes a long period of time before the swelling and bruising are minimized enough to see how many of those lines are now gone. Unless you have weeks available to stay out of public while the telltale signs of a facelift are reduced, you might want to opt for non-invasive treatments like laser surgery, dermabrasion, and chemical peels. However, even though the ‘recovery’ time is reduced, it may be a few days before redness is reduced after something like a chemical peel.

5. No Need to Stay in the Hospital

Most often you will not need to be hospitalized even for traditional facelift surgeries, but some surgeons like to keep patients overnight because of the side effects they might experience after being anesthetized. Other doctors want to reduce the risk of infection or keep patients so that they aren’t tempted to pull away at surgical dressings. With a non-invasive outpatient surgical procedure like laser surgery, it can be done in one sitting, about 45 minutes in duration, with no need for anesthesia or hours in a recovery room. In-office visits are less risky, less expensive and much less time-consuming.

6. Compound Issues Easier to Deal With

Finally, every woman is different and no two will ever need the exact same treatments. One really big issue many women are confronted with would be those pockmarks left over from younger days. If acne was a big problem in adolescence and early adult years, those pockmarks could be equally as disturbing as those now tiny frown lines and crows feet. When the skin is simply cut and pulled back, those pockmarks remain, but when undergoing non-surgical treatments like dermabrasion and laser surgery, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can often combine several treatments at the same time.

Again, every woman is different and no one woman needs exactly the same treatment as the next. Even having said that, the one common concern most women face would be the risks often associated with traditional surgery. If you are considering a facelift, it pays to know your options. Discuss with your surgeon any non-invasive procedures available to you before making the ultimate choice. What you do today can affect all your tomorrows, so choose wisely and you can be as radiant tomorrow as you were 20 years ago.

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