5 Reasons Why Men Need Chapsticks

Men need chapsticks for many good reasons. Most of them tend to forget taking care of their lips as they attend to the rest of the face. Well, assuming they won’t do you any good as they are a pretty noticeable feature. You wouldn’t want people noticing your cracked, chapped lips now, would you? Lips need care, just like the rest of your face. The skin on the lips is relatively tender and their positioning quite exposes them to the tough environmental conditions. As such, they take a beating from this elements day in, day out. Chapped lips happen any time of the year and are quite an embarrassing situation. You should, therefore, consider using chapsticks to keep them healthy all through. The notion that chapsticks are feminine is unfounded. Our lips equally face conditions that can be unfavorable, irrespective of gender. Environment, for a fact, plays a major role in this. Other factors include diet, dehydration and some underlying conditions causing chapped lips.

The following 5 reasons explain why you, as a man, really need chapsticks.

1. Sun-proofing your lips

Due to the tender nature of the lip’s skin, the sun’s ultraviolet rays affect them more than any other area on the face. The protective pigment, melanin, is significantly reduced on the lips. As a result, there is insufficient protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Most of the best men’s Chapstick brands contain Sun Protection Factor, SPF that offers protection against the sun preventing your lips from getting burned. The more they get burned, the more they crack and appear chapped. Cracks on the skin serve as a portal of entry for disease-causing microorganisms. Applying chapstick that contains SPF goes a long way towards keeping your lips protected.

2. Moisturizes your lips

Chapsticks contain elements that help to keep your lips moisturized. Lips get their own supply of moisture from the physiology in place. They tend to lose this moisture to environmental factors and other unfavorable conditions. This happens any time of the day or night. Not drinking enough water and munching on spicy and salty treats also precipitate moisture loss. Components in chapsticks, such as beeswax and almond oil have the ability to effectively create a seal over the lips that prevents them from losing their moisture. Applying it is a sure way to help your lips retain moisture and remain healthy.

3. Hydration of lips

Dehydration is the greatest contributor to lip cracking and chapped lips. Cold air and strong winds also cause drying out of lips. This can happen anywhere, while in the office or at the comfort of your home. Some air conditioning settings blow away the moisture in the air causing drying of lips and their subsequent cracking. Careful use of chapsticks helps remedy this by first dampening your lips with cold water and applying chapstick to seal in the moisture. It will only be a matter of time before they are hydrated again. Hydrated lips appear supple and youthful. Who wouldn’t want that?

4. Speeds up healing

Cracked lips can be quite irritating. The skin break also serves as an avenue of infections. They need to heal faster in order to minimize irritation and chances of contracting infections respectively. Chapsticks help out a great deal in speeding up the healing process by sealing the cracks and ensuring that they retain their moisture. This condition is important for the healing process.

5. Avoid the embarrassment of chapped lips

Other than the irritation cracked lips bring, peeling off of the dried out skin could be awfully embarrassing. Imagine that happening in public! When it gets to this level, it is a sure sign that your lips need to be taken good care of. No matter how tough you may be, environmental factors will always do their part. Using chapsticks helps moisturize the lips and prevents them from drying out.

Men need to take good care of their lips too. They tend to get neglected and left unprotected from adverse environmental conditions and other unfavorable factors such as diet. Use of chapsticks obviously has tremendous benefits that cannot be ignored. This is all the more reason men should embrace them.

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