5 Myths about Woman’s Age

“It’s too late at my age” – that is how many women think, depriving themselves of the right to live a bright and rich life and be happy. We will list the most popular stereotypes about age; and it is up to you whether to follow them! So what is too late to be done after 40, according to many people?


Myth 1: It is too late to wear bright clothing

You do not want to seem a person who is desperately trying to look younger, so you choose a strict “chief accountant’s” dress. However, bright colors and trendy styles are not just for young girls. Perhaps you are unhappy with your appearance, but the wrinkles or imperfections of figure are not the reason to dress up dull and gloomy. Next time you go to the shop, do not be afraid to try something that seems surprising. An unusual bright pink color can suddenly refresh the face; and an unfamiliar style of dress will transform your figure. Do not be too serious: treat your image with irony. Choosing one “hooligan” thing, add a more elegant and restrained one. Thus you will look modern and not boring.

Perhaps one should say no to only two categories of things. The first one is obviously cheap, poorly sewn materials, made of poor quality. The second includes exposing and too sexy outfits. But, frankly speaking, the clothes from the second category are inappropriate in everyday life not only at 40, but at 20 years as well.

Myth 2: It is too late to fall in love

The older we get, the harder it is to build a new relationship. Not because you are a “divorcee with children” who nobody cares about. It is rather because the woman now has higher requirements concerning the partner. Life experience is constantly telling her about the shortcomings of potential candidates. Earlier, it would take you a few months (or even years!) to recognize a “hopeless” man in terms of relationships, but now you just need a short conversation or even a couple of gazes. But you also know that there are no ideal people, and this great wisdom can help you.

Love is a source of new power, which is especially needed after 40 years. But if the man is younger than you – even just a few years – it is an additional incentive to keep yourself in good shape.

If you are single, and there are no decent men around, read paragraph 1 again, and then reread point 4. Well, if you’re married, we advise you to fall in love with your own husband. Do not mind his already bald head and a beer belly. Perhaps he will have to go to the gym or at least begin to jog in the park. Why, in fact, don’t you do this together?

Myth 3: It is too late to have a baby

It is a simple question whether to agree for a late childbirth. Much depends on the circumstances and the state of health. But if everything goes well, a baby can be one of the happiest events in your life. Age has many advantages: experience, wisdom, and a more responsible attitude towards your health. A mature woman has the potential to become a great mother: as a rule, at this age, she has already settled in her place as a professional and has achieved recognition.

Myth 4: It is too late to learn new things

Old age does not come when the cosmetic bag turns into a first aid kit, but when we cease to develop. No matter how many years of age you may have, curiosity, thirst for new experiences, shine in the eyes, and the taste of life will help you preserve youthfulness. That is why it is important to periodically overcome routine and learn something new. Dance lessons, foreign language courses, or playing the guitar will compete with a plastic surgery. Just try it – and you will see that a new hobby will bring new people and new experiences into your life, as well as new reasons to celebrate.

Myth 5: It is too late to believe in dreams

Stories of many famous people show that it is never too late to be successful. In 1997, a little-known 41-year-old actress Kim Cattrall came to the casting of the series about the lives of four friends from New York and won the role, which brought her worldwide fame. Jean Reno became famous after the Leon movie, when he was 46 years old. Authors J.K. Rowling and Erica L. James wrote their extremely popular novels after celebrating their fortieth anniversary.