20 Tips for Beautiful & Thick Lashes That Work

Thick, dark lashes emphasize the shape of the eye and make the look much more expressive and languid. It’s hard to object to this! Moreover, many girls will not leave their house without a layer of mascara, feeling almost naked without it. And yet, in the pursuit of beauty and expressiveness, some beauties obviously forget about the limits and get huge fake eyelashes. They not only look overly dramatic and cause a lot of inconvenience, but also spoil the women’s natural eyelashes. Do not torture your own eyes and the eyes of others. It is better to learn these little secrets of flawless makeup and conquer everyone with your (almost) natural beauty.

  1. Bend the mascara brush for better control while applying the product. Please note that many mascara manufacturers offer the so-called “mobile” brushes. They can effortlessly bend at the right angle which immediately affects the result. For the better.
  2. To avoid lumps and the “spider legs” effect, apply the brush on a paper towel before using it on your face. You will remove excess mascara, and the eyelashes will look neater.
  3. To get the effect of curled and voluminous eyelashes, comb them several times with a brush from root to tip, as shown in the photo. Thus, the base will keep a dense layer of mascara (volume), and the ends will have a light layer (bending fixation).
  4. If you want makeup to last longer, even in summer, apply one layer of mascara with your favorite effect, and add a layer of water-resistant mascara on top.
  5. If you want to get more volume using your favorite mascara, hold the brush horizontally and slightly angled. For the illusion of “your own dark eyelashes” hold the brush vertically.
  6. For the “false eyelashes” effect apply mascara on both sides.
  7. Has your mascara got thicker? Put it in a glass of hot water for 2 minutes, and it will be as good as the new mascara.
  8. In order not to stain the skin around the eyes with mascara, place a spoon under the eyelashes while applying makeup.
  9. By the way, you can even replace the curlers with a spoon.
  10. Apply mascara on the brush for liquid or gel eyeliner, and you will not have to load your cosmetic bag with another makeup product.
  11. Apply mascara on the eyelashes first, and then apply eyeshadows on the eyelids. If you have violated this sequence and your mascara is already imprinted on the finished makeup, wait for 2 minutes until it dries and remove the blot with a dry cotton swab.
  12. Use a dry toothbrush to comb the made up eyelashes and thereby remove lumps. Just do not confuse it with a brush, which you use to clean the teeth.
  13. Your hair is getting gray, and a visit to the hairdresser is planned for the following week. You just need to make up the roots with brown mascara for eyelashes.
  14. If you want the eyelashes to stay curled longer, make them up simultaneously with the permanent hairstyle.
  15. Or warm the curlers with a hairdryer before using.
  16. Have you decided to experiment with false eyelashes? Place the mirror on the table in front of you, as in the photo. In this position, you will significantly increase the chance of sticking them smoothly.
  17. False eyelashes will look more natural (though this is a paradox), if you cut them into 3 parts. You can only use one piece, gluing it to the corner of the eye for a pleasant “fox look” effect. Eyelashes will become much longer, though other people are unlikely to guess about your little secret.
  18. Does it happen that false eyelashes constantly come unstuck? Try to apply the special glue directly on the skin of eyelids, as if it were eyeliner. But never glue false eyelashes directly to your natural eyelashes.
  19. Using false eyelashes, never forget to apply the black eyeliner to disguise the boundaries of the false eyelashes and your own skin.
  20. To remove the fake eyelashes, never try to pull the edge of the eyelash tape. By doing this, you risk damaging the skin and your own eyelashes. Simply soak a cotton pad with a makeup removal product and apply it on the eyelid for 10 seconds. That’s enough to weaken the effect of glue and carefully remove all the artificial “beauty”.
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