10 Tricks Your Hair Stylists Will Not Tell You

When you leave the salon, you are a beauty, with brilliant shock of hair flowing over your shoulders. Try to repeat the same at home, and you’ll get disappointed. It is all because hairdressers know a few secrets, which they won’t tell us.


1. Pay more attention to hair ends


Only those who have a really dry scalp need additional moisturizing with a conditioner from roots to ends. Usually, skin produces a sufficient amount of fat on a daily basis, so, if you do not wash your hair every day, the conditioner applied the roots will only make your hair heavier and dirty-looking. So hairdressers advise to apply the conditioner to no more than 2/3 of the hair length.

2. Sprinkle bobby pins with hairspray


For the bobby pins not to slip, it is necessary to remember one trick. Before pinning them, put them on a paper towel and sprinkle with a little hairspray. Leave them to dry for a minute or two.

3. Choosing silk


It is well known that if you wipe your hair with a piece of silk fabric, it will become incredibly shiny. But few people know that it is also beneficial to sleep on a silk or satin pillow. Cotton absorbs moisture from the hair, that’s why you get such a messy hairstyle in the morning.

4. Head massage


Massaging your head during a shower every day can seem a waste of time, but it really stimulates hair growth and strengthens the roots.

5. A comb


Over the years, we have been making the same mistake – combing wet hair with a massage brush. You shouldn’t do that. Instead, if you take a comb with few teeth, the hair will suffer much less. Tangle Tweezer is a perfect comb for wet hair.

6. A long ponytail without hair extension


Not everyone can boast long hair, and not everyone can afford hair extension. But there’s an easy way out. After you perform this little trick, people will envy your magnificently long ponytail.

7. The wrong side


Everyone attaches bobby pins the wavy side up. In fact, you should choose the other side. The wavy side was invented in order to make it easier to collect hair, but the straight one keeps it better.

8. Hiding hair roots


A tip for blondes. If the hair was dyed a long time ago and you do not have time to see your hairdresser, you will have to hide regrown roots. To do this you will need dry shampoo (even if your hair is clean) and a comb which gives you a zig-zag parting.

9. Unruly hair


There are always two or three hairs that do not want to be placed where you intend to have them. It is not necessary to sprinkle the entire hair with spray. To combat unruly hairs, you need a common toothbrush, which should be wetted with hair spray. And then everything will fit into its place neatly.

10. A bushy ponytail


It is sad, but sometimes people literally have not enough hair for a ponytail, and everything they can make from their hair resembles a mouse tail. There is a secret that will help make the ponytail visually lush and beautiful. Once you get a conventional ponytail, it is necessary to divide it into the upper and lower parts and hide a small crab hairpin in the middle of it.

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