Why Did Sinead O'Connor Split from Husband?

Those 16 days of Sinead O’Connor’s latest marriage (her fourth) made her aware of many things about life – and she was driven to eye-opening decisions.

Sinead O'Connor split from Barry Herridge

After only 18 days of marriage to Barry Herridge the 45-year-old singer declared that she split from her husband. Their drive-through wedding that took place in Las Vegas on December 8 was over on Monday and – as the Nothing Compares 2 U singer shares with the UK’s Sun – she feels like she would never date anybody else.

O’Connor compares her life with “living in a coffin” and she said she was afraid for Herridge, 38, who was certain to be “crushed” by that sort of life. Cherishing love and respect for him, the singer decided to let him go rather than experience everything that this kind of life held in store for him.

Her wedding night trip out in search of cannabis didn’t do anything to help, she admitted. The Sun quotes O’Connor telling the story of the trip, how she took her husband in a cab to a criminal part of the city where she felt all right and got what she had come for – but her husband was “very frightened” being a drug counselor. The singer understood the controversy of the situation just too late to prevent it from spoiling the wedding atmosphere.

O’Connor is not against bringing out her personal issues into the light. Memorable is her discussion of her bipolar disorder problems with Oprah Winfrey back in 2007.

The troublesome household she grew up in finally produced an outbreak of depression that deepened as her musical career progressed. It had been slowly building up, she confessed. It felt like “a huge hole,” and for a while O’Connor was scared that she could get worse if she took her medicine.

Finally she braced herself and got her medication in, and the miracle happened – she described the sensation like concrete filling up the hole. It had every appearance of dying and coming back to get a new lease of life.

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