Why Gerard Butler Drops Weight Dramatically

Gerard Butler is always ready to look the right way if there’s good enough incentive. So his recent slimming that was much commented upon is also work-necessitated. His next engagement is a surf movie, and he gets into the right shape for that.

Actor Gerard Butler

The 41-year-old actor spilled to PEOPLE Tuesday in New York when attending a Machine Gun Preacher screening that his new role is a mentor to surfer Jay Moriarity, so his daily routine includes surfing for Mavericks. Besides, he primes himself with yoga and cardio regimen which account for his lighter physique.

But what about the anticipated sequel to 300 for which she will need his 197 lbs of brawn back? Of course, Butler bears it in his mind that he may need to put on flesh quickly. As soon as he comes to know that his character King Leonidas is back for the sequel and he reads the script and likes it, he will play along. “I’ve got to feel that there’s a real reason to go there, to do a second one,” he explained.

Moreover, Butler owns that he anticipates the return. He refers to it as his “favorite role” and looks forward to reading the script, expecting it to be as much fun the second time as it was the first.

Source of the image: Zmonline.

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