Why Does Beyonce Have No Friends?


In one of the interviews, Beyonce admitted that since childhood she almost hadn’t had any close friends.

Singer Beyonce

The main reason, according to the singer, is that she had to quit school at age of 14 because of her early career. Since then, the girl turned to home schooling with a tutor. As a result, Beyonce said she had not had a chance to come in a long and close contact with any of her peers, and her only friends were her family.

The singer also said that she was very grateful to her parents for the support they had given her from the very start. Beyonce’s mom always told her that, first of all, she had to decide for herself what she wanted to become in future to be able to follow her goals. Thus, when she was very little, the star wanted to be a hairdresser or a dancing teacher. But after her first performance on stage the girl clearly saw that she wanted to be a singer.

According to Beyonce, she always felt uncomfortable with other children, and only on stage she felt truly free and self-confident for the first time. From the very start, she doubted that she could succeed in this field, but by the age of nine she had become a member of her first band. The father of the future celebrity, Matthew Knowles, left his previous job for the sake of his daughter’s career and became her manager, holding this position until recently.

Source of the image: Palzoo.