Why Did Brooke Hogan Show Her Nude Pic to Her Father

It’s not your average nude pic – it’s something for a cause, and Brooke Hogan is proud about it so much that she took her dad along to be present at the unveiling. Hulk Hogan, Brooke’s pop, happened to have his birthday handy, he’s 58, congrats. His daughter, 23, decided to mark the occasion by bringing him to Miami’s Cafeina Lounge where her totally nude photo was exhibited.

Brooke Hogan and Hulk Hogan

At the photo Hogan is depicted huddled in a cage; it belongs with a series named “Women in Cages”, done by Jordan Michael Zuniga and intended to draw attention to the sufferings of animals locked in cages. 80% of the exhibition proceeds will be transferred to PETA.


According to Zuniga, who told about her exhibition to PEOPLE, Brooke latched on to the idea straightaway, and she could see that the Brooke Knows Best star took it to heart.

Hogan was very emphatic about it in her interview to the Miami New Times, telling that she was an ardent animal-lover and one who encountered animal abuse firsthand. “They are voiceless in our world,” said the actress, adding that she is passionate about saving those who cannot speak up for themselves.


The photos are neither glamorous nor very comfortable – just like the cage that Hogan had to cringe into. Zuniga said she had been surprised at the discomfort of it all, and that’s exactly the message the photographer wants to pass on with beautiful women finding out what it feels like to be inside a cage.

Source of the image: Nydailynews, Theimproper.