Ronald Reagan’s Grandson Clashes with the Police

RadarOnline informs that Cameron Reagan, grandson to former President Ronald Reagan and son to Fox News commentator and radio host Michael Reagan, was taken in by the police on Thursday.

The details of the event haven’t been quite cleared up yet, but the police report says that at 12:30 am yesterday the police arrived at Cameron’s parents’ old home in Van Nuys, California, in response to the panic button being pushed.

Cameron Reagan was arrested

Who actually activated the burglary system is not known yet, but Los Angeles police found Reagan, 31, in an inebriated state. He was taken into custody as a result of his outburst of rude behavior. He yelled at the officers, abused them and attempted to push them around, which amounted to resisting arrest.

For the time being he stays in under $10,000 bond.

Cameron already had a brush-up with the police back in 2001. He was arrested on the accusation of breaking into a car; a bag of marijuana also featured in the case. He underwent a detoxication procedure and was in for a course of anger management.

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