What Is It Like to Be Rihanna's Boyfriend?

The popular singer, Rihanna, has recently told in an interview how she prefers to develop her communication with men. According to the 23-year-old star, who is recognized one of the sexiest female singers of our time, every man is a hunter by nature, and he is interested in pursuing his victim. Therefore, the most effective strategy of seduction for ladies is to take part in the game and correspond to the image of the so-called prey.

Singer Rihanna

The star admits that in this case she often feels like playing the opposite role. Rihanna says that she is open to love, but her potential admirer has to win her attention and favor. The singer believes that as soon as a man gets what he wants, he immediately has new desires. As a result, if a woman fulfills every whim of her boyfriend, he will just get bored with her after a while.

Speaking about her personal life, the celebrity decided not to answer the question about whether she is dating someone at the moment. However, Rihanna admits that it was much easier for her to build a relationship with a person who works in show business, just like her. According to the singer, it is easier for two people with a similar kind of professional activity to find a common language and understand each other. The singer has already had an affair with her colleague, Chris Brown, who used to beat her, and now she does not want to think about him once again.

Source of the image: Wallpaperez.

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