Renee Zellweger Shocks with Her New Face

45-year-old Hollywood actress Renee Zellweger has become a star in the world media overnight, after she had appeared at a statutory social event the day before. After numerous manipulations with the face, the appearance of the actress has changed so much that the celebrity without exaggeration ceased to be recognizable.


On October 21, Renee Zellweger appeared on the red carpet as she visited a party organized by the Elle magazine. It was the first time the star appeared in public during the last five months, and it turned out that this time was enough for the celebrity’s face to become completely different (if you remember Renee’s appearance at the earlier stages of her career).

Aging is an extremely painful phenomenon in Hollywood. The owner of the Oscar award for the best actress in the Cold Mountain movie has become the victim of the trend for eternal youth. The actress, whom millions of viewers fell in love with thanks to the role of Bridget Jones, does not resemble her character by appearance – they look like two completely different people.

According to the Mirror publication, the star had several plastic surgeries. Some time ago, Zellweger demonstrated significant changes in her appearance to the public. At that time it was quite possible to recognize Renee in the transfigured actress.

Now, Renee’s face presumably bears evidence of the eyelid and eyebrow lifting. It finally made the actress unrecognizable.

However, Zellweger called the discussion of her appearance “stupid.” The People magazine asked her to comment on her sensational appearance on the red carpet, and the actress said she was glad that people thought she looked different! She added she lived a different, happier life, the life that brought her more satisfaction. According to the celebrity, she reconsidered her attitude to work, which used to make her feel exhausted, and now she is just enjoying life. She is healthy, and her friends believe that she has become relaxed.

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