Pamela Anderson Gets Scared at the Mirror

Pamela AndersonAmerican actress and model Pamela Anderson – who’s now pushing 42 – has revealed she avoids looking in the mirror and hates her tabloid photos because they get her down. Hollywood celebrity with magnificent silicone bosom occasionally comments on her looks at her official web site. Recently Pamela wrote how she laughed bitterly at the photos capturing her sunbathing with the family on Hawaii. The model finds comfort in the fact that people can see she never went under knife or had Botox injections, though.

Pamela hates paparazzi trying to disturb her daily routines and take up her time which she spends with her children. The model says she’s not going to do makeup every time she needs to go out. She doesn’t look bad, but photographers lurking behind every corner with their cameras just tick her off. Anderson told Now magazine that she looks her age without makeup and though forehead wrinkles make her sad, she’s not going to do plastic surgery.

Obviously, her body is not as perfect as it was when she was 21 and appeared in Baywatch TV series. But Pamela Anderson still enjoys a nice figure.

Pamela says she usually does not check herself in the mirror before she goes out shopping or something. It looks like she will have to practice that more often in future.

Pamela Anderson is devoted vegetarian and an activist in Defenders of Wildlife. She writes letters to politicians demanding to ban fox and seal hunting, comes down on distinguished fashion designers who use natural fur and leather in their collections and speaks out against celebrities who flash their crocodile leather bags and belts.

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