Olivia Munn's Bizarre Anxiety Disorder

Olivia Munn is surely an eyeful, but it seems she is hard put to it to keep her looks up – at least as it concerns eyelashes. While talking with the New York Daily News she disclosed that she developed an outlandish anxiety disorder, and she goes tearing out eyelashes time and again because of it!

Olivia Munn Suffers form an anxiety disorder
The Magic Mike star, 32, whose latest appearance is on HBO’s Newsroom, said she doesn’t attack her nails, but pulls out eyelashes. It is not painful, Munn added, but she finds it “really annoying” since she has to grab a new set of fake eyelashes when she is going out.

Munn suffers from an impulse control disorder known as Trichoillomania; it often compels people to wrench out their hair, usually it is eyebrows and eyelashes that suffer the most.

The actress’s social life is also riddled by anxiety. At a younger age, when an Air Force child, Munn had to move again and again, and she got used to being a new one who nobody cares to be nice to. Now she can’t get rid of the feeling that people are always at her, out to mistreat and laugh at her behind her back.