Learn More about Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella

The girl who was nationally hailed as 2011 Miss USA at the Las Vegas Pageant on Sunday night is a dazzling redhead by name of Alyssa Campanella! Meet the upcoming beauty (dressed in a gown by designer Sherri Hill) and get to know her better – which she amply deserves!

Miss America 2011, Alyssa Campanella

Fact 1: The girl’s a natural blonde! Her conspicuous mane of auburn flame – a major attraction -is only six years old; Alyssa Campanella dyed her hair for a role she was to play and decided to keep it like this because it gave her the feeling of being more herself. “I enjoy being a redhead,” she confesses.

Fact 2: She is in love. When asked which celebrity the crowned Miss USA would fancy as a date, she answered that her heart is already given away. The happy man is Torrance Coombs, from the cast of Showtime’s The Tudors. Coombs burst into tears on hearing about his girlfriend’s victory (which he confirmed in his Twitter message) because – Campanella says – he takes pride in her.

Fact 3: She is a devoted historian, owns a library of history books that is growing fast.

Fact 4: That is her third go at the title. Being a New Jersey girl, Campanella entered the contest for Miss New Jersey two times and came up on top as 2007 Miss New Jersey Teen USA, but the big victory had eluded her until now.

Fact 5: She may well move on to become a cook program host! Campanella, of Italian origin, has a light hand for pasta dishes, but her main cooking passion is making cakes. So she is dreaming of coming face to face with Buddy Valastro of Cake Boss, another Italian. “He acts like I do in the kitchen, so I think we would mesh well,” she shares.

Fact 6: She’s better out of the sun. Ever since she was a kid, she used to come out in red spots in the summer, and finally it was diagnosed as an allergic reaction to direct sunlight. That only added to her initial partiality for hats, though!

Source of the image: Fashionbeautyworld.

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