Mila Kunis: My Family Used to Be Poor

Today, Mila Kunis is together with Ashton Kutcher and possesses the title of the sexiest woman in the world. But this success has not come unexpectedly. After her family had moved to the United States from Ukraine, the girl had to fight for the good life. In a recent interview, the star spoke about her long and arduous road to fame.

Actress Mila Kunis

According to Mila Kunis, when you have nothing, anything can be a plus. No matter what it is. She did not become rich all of a sudden.

Her family used to have money in the former Soviet Union, but when they came to America, they were very poor. However, she did not even suspect it was so. For the first three years of life in the States, Mila practically did not see her father since he was involved in a million jobs just to support the family.

29-year-old Mila admits that only after getting acquainted with wealthy Americans, she realized how deplorable the state of her family was. And she decided to start taking care of her future. At 14, she paved her way to television. Starring in the TV series That 70’s Show, she could not decide whether to build a career on the screen, or filming would be just a kind of her hobby.

She auditioned for all roles: second-rate horror films, first-class films – anywhere, just to prove that she could play. She was not ashamed, and she did not hear the voice of her ego.

Mila is sure that such persistence could make other people feel respect for her. People would think, “Yeah, she was able to do it.” However, Mila herself did not expect anything. She did not expect that someone would take her and give her the main role in a perfect movie.

She wanted to prove the opposite to everyone. She persistently visited all castings. All of them.

And for her efforts Mila has got a decent reward!

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