Michael J. Fox Slams Taylor Swift

While the Kennedys never minded Taylor Swift mixing with one of them, it’s vastly different for Michael J. Fox. He is dead sure he won’t allow any love affair burgeoning between the singer and his and Tracy Pollan’s son Sam Fox.

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At the 70th Golden Globe Award – with the young Fox as Mr. Golden Globes and Francesca, daughter of Frances Fisher’s, as Miss GG – the country hit maker’s love life was jibed at by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who voiced their advice for Swift to lay off Sam Fox. It turned out that the Family Ties actor held strong opinions on this point, too!

When Vulture inquired if he thought whether Swift and his son would make a good couple, they drew an instant flat-out negative response with advice for the singer to “back off!”

He expounded on it, telling that as far as he knows guys who date Swift serve as subjects for her songs later, summing it up with a pretty equivocal “What a way to build a career.” Although, Michael J. Fox said, he is hardly likely to recognize her should he spot her with his son, he knew very well how he would react to a song about his son. He would be telling straight from his shoulder that that is not the kind of girl he would expect his son to date!

Anyhow, after Taylor Swift split from her latest flame, Harry Styles of One Direction, marring their Christmas in the process, she wrote on her Twitter page that she intended to do a spell in the studio; so, any fears someone might be having over it may be well founded.

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