Lindsay Lohan Is Dating Balthazar Getty?

Just out of deep waters where she had been sailing with Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan may have gotten caught into a worse imbroglio! Which goes by the name of Balthazar Getty. You wouldn’t have said offhand that Getty, 34, that is, older by 11 years, and trailing behind him a marriage that he has yet to dissolve and the much-prattled-over relationship with Sienna Miller last year, presents an enviable catch for a young actress-cum-singer. But let’s regard the evidence.

Lindsay Lohan and Balthazar Getty

According to the People magazine Lohan and Getty were seen at the Voyeur watering hole, West Hollywood, last week, absorbed in each other’s company. Making their entrance via the back door as if they did not want to be conspicuous, they still chose a table situated at the front in the full view and were – by the words of a source present – “all over each other”.

The same source said they didn’t stay for long and cleared off within half an hour. Still together, as may well be assumed.

Can it be a definite hook-up? And will Rosetta Millington, Balthazar Getty’s wife, come down on Lindsay for such outings? Well, future events will show.

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