Justin Bieber Has a Baby?

There’s a paternity suit out against Justin Bieber who may turn out to be a father at 17 if it is proved by a DNA test – a claim put forward by a woman from California through her lawyers. The Star magazine published a detailed exclusive interview with lawyers Lance Rogers and Matthew Pare who are assisting the 20-year-old claimant Mariah Yeater in proving that her 3-month-old baby was begotten by the Babe singer.

Singer Justin Bieber

The lawyers made a point of the fact that Mariah Yeater’s claim is “modest and rightful” containing no overblown demands and can hardly be regarded as anything going beyond the protocol appropriate to such a situation.

According to Rogers and Pare, there is incontestable evidence of Bieber’s fatherhood that will be produced in court. Meanwhile Yeater requests of the teen musician to furnish her with a DNA sample as the final proof that he is the father of her child, Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater, born on July 6.

As soon as the test has proved her claim, Bieber will be further requested to furnish child support in accordance with the California law provisions.

The Star exclusive drew a response from Bieber’s legal support team who made a statement to ABC News saying that the allegations are fabricated and contain but “malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims” that will be counterforced by all relevant legal means at their disposal.

The damaging report doesn’t seem to have produced a visible impact on the stage star himself, who has been around a lot since the publication, On Air with Ryan Seacrest and Dancing with the Stars being the most memorable of his appearances. His only reaction was to tweet that he meant to pay no attention whatsoever to the allegations. He omitted to let out any comment on the details of the whole affair – the fact that was made much of by Yeater’s lawyers.

They accentuated that so far there was no official denial of the basic fact of Bieber’s having been engaged in unprotected sex with the claimant after his concert in Los Angeles.

The particulars of the passionate scene are laid down in the Californian mother’s court papers; Yeater describes the copulation episode as occurring at the Staples Center in October last year. She was backstage with Bieber after his performance and had a quickie with him in the full meaning of the word – the papers say the act lasted no longer than 30 seconds, and the young woman adds that the singer was obviously embarrassed at how soon it was over. That brief meeting resulted in her giving birth to a boy.

Rogers and Pare maintain that Ms Yeater expects Bieber to cooperate and agree to undergo a DNA test, upon the results of which the settlement can proceed in what they called “a less public and reasonable manner.” They are expecting a response from either the singer or his attorneys.

Source of the image: Celebrityrush.

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