20 Things Making Women Unconfident

A few pounds over their regular weight can knock the average woman’s confidence down more than anything else, as emerged from a survey commissioned by Seven Seas Health Oils.

Confedence in woman

A feeling of being a bit fatter about the waistline shares the ill effect it produces on ladies with a bad feeling over their hair condition or over the state their skin is in, says the study of 3,000 British women. Another factor that can get their mood down fast is the realization that they have been the focus of rumors going around.

Quite a lot of women admit they bring about ill feelings themselves by indulging in negative thoughts that eventually demolish their confidence.

A spokesperson for Seven Seas Health Oils commented that when women start comparing themselves to their colleagues or friends they are likely to begin feeling far less confident about themselves… Though they are apt to feel more sure about the way they look as they get on. A woman of 50 will have more confidence in her appearance than a woman above 20 or 30 years old.

20 factors bringing down the day’s mood are:

  1. Gaining weight
  2. Dissatisfaction with the state of the skin
  3. Dissatisfaction with the hair
  4. Knowing that you’re the center of rumors
  5. Being mistreated by somebody
  6. When you believe that others ignore you
  7. When jeans won’t do up
  8. Having a messed-up top
  9. Realizing that you’re underdressed
  10. Tags in Facebook pics you don’t like
  11. Feeling exhausted
  12. Emotional disturbances
  13. Being seen without make-up on
  14. Failure to figure out things quickly
  15. When the lips start to crack
  16. When joints ache
  17. When you broke a nail
  18. Comparing yourself to a slimmer friend
  19. Feeling ill
  20. When you’re around someone wearing the same clothes

Source of the image: Photl.