Greatest Losses and Scandals of the Year 2011

In late December, we can sum up the year 2011. What kind of a year was it for us? Loud marriages and separations, the most vivid personalities, the most resonant scandals and the most noticeable losses – recalls everything what the year 2011 will be remembered for.

Elizabeth Taylor died in 2011

Losses of the Year 2011

When public people die, this event always causes a public outcry. But the grief for a departed person rarely becomes international. Unfortunately, a lot of great actors, scientists, journalists, and athletes have passed away in 2011.

In March 2011, the world lost the great Elizabeth Taylor, one of the most beautiful women in history, a dramatic actress, the winner of the “Oscar” and the first star in history, who began to receive millions in royalties. July 23 was the day of death of a young soul singer Amy Winehouse, who entered the legendary “27” club, having died exactly at the age of 27 years, just as many iconic musicians distinguished by scandalous behavior, such as Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and others. The singer had been unsuccessfully trying to treat drug and alcohol addiction. This addiction ruined her, and an overdose of alcohol was the cause of her death. Winehouse’s posthumous album has become a mega-platinum one, collecting a record number of auditions.

Amy Winehouse passed away in 2011

October 5, 2011 was the day, when the founder of the cult Apple company Steve Jobs died after a long struggle with cancer. According to the public opinion, Jobs has affected the social consciousness of the generation more than anyone else with his ideas of “functional design” and the development of high technology.

Steve Jobs - loss of 2011

Scandals of the Year 2011

The most resonant event of the year, not only in the fashion world, but for the whole of Western society, has been another scandal involving a prominent person and his anti-Semitic statements. This time, it was the creative director of the Christian Dior brand, enfant terrible of the world fashion, designer John Galliano. In late February, the fashion designer allowed himself to make some reckless remarks against a Jewish couple, whom he accidentally met in a Paris cafe. But for one of the witnesses, who used a mobile phone camera to record the words of drunken Galliano, the incident might have remained unknown.

Scandals 2011 - John Galliano

The phrases of the Dior designer may shock many people, indeed. After John’s confession of his love for Hitler, the Jewish couple called the police, who arrested the designer and charged him. Then the events developed rapidly: the owners of LVMH have dismissed genial Galliano just before the beginning of fashion weeks.

In September, a French court found Galliano guilty of anti-Semitic behavior and sentenced him to a fine of 6,000 euros. The public immediately divided into those, who condemned the disgraced genius (the majority of people), and those, who saw the imperfection of the moral and ethical foundations of a modern civilized society in the notorious political correctness, which made everyone victimise the audience’s former favorite.

Scandals 2011 - Lars von Trier

Another “Galliano” was found in the film industry. The famous film director Lars von Trier needed no alcohol to publicly confess at a press conference during the Cannes Film Festival that he sympathized with Hitler’s actions, and to proclaim himself a Nazi. He referred to himself as one of the Nazis and said that they were doing great things! After the phrase, Von Trier was declared persona non grata at the Cannes Film Festival and his film “Melancholia” was unable to take the top prize. After the incident, Trier left Cannes with a scandal.

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