Duck Lips to Sparrow Face

The so-called “duck lips”, when the girls used to always “puff out” their lips in public, are no longer fashionable. Now, the most advanced ladies follow another new trend – the “sparrow” facial expression.


“Sparrow face” replaced the “duck lips”, which the stars like the Olsen sisters and Paris Hilton were fond of. This type of facial expression has become a huge hit in Japan and has reached Europe and the United States. To have a “sparrow face”, the eyes should be widely open, and the lips must be pushed forward slightly to resemble “the mouth of a chick that is ready to get a worm from the mother.”

This expression can already be seen in stars like Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan, especially when you scrutinize their photos on Instagram and Twitter. If the “duck lips” forced the face to take an inconvenient shape that led to the appearance of wrinkles, the “sparrow face” looks much gentler. It can be achieved by simply actively blowing the air out of the mouth, leaving only a small opening between the lips. In Japan, this fashionable face is called chun-gao, which can be literally translated as “the chirping person”.


By the way, singer Miley Cyrus has her own countenance, called after her name. And now, when some girl sticks her tongue out of the mouth, draws it to her chin, and walks with this facial expression for a long time, it is called “Miley’s face.” But when Cyrus’s tongue remains in the oral cavity, the pop star often uses the same “sparrow face,” only increasing the popularity of the trend.

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