Demi Lovato Got Her a Perfect Boyfriend! Joe Jonas Is the Happy One

Strictly speaking, the paring of Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas is no great news. Their names had been coupled since their meeting three years ago on the Camp Rock set. RadarOnline, catching sight of the two in Toronto last October, was quick with their couple alert. At that time Demi did all but own it up, referring to the middle Jonas as her “best friend” who is “incredible” and “perfect”.

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas: Hollywood couple

But now they are officially a couple, as declared by the Don’t Forget artist on Billy Bush’s radio show Friday.

One may remember an episode with Taylor Swift when Joe brushed her off with a text message (as her story ran), but hopefully the newly acclaimed Hollywood couple will show us the true meaning of romance – what about it, guys?

And meanwhile we are treated to their recent duet, Make a Wave.

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