Chloe Lattanzi Accused of Plastic Surgery Addiction

34-year-old American Chloe Lattanzi is a participant of the show “Dancing with the Stars” and daughter of actress Olivia Newton-John (the star of the 1970s movie Grease). There is a much stranger line in her biography – at the age of 18, she was in a rehab because of anorexia, and at age 27 she was treated for drug and alcohol addiction. She later reported that all these problems were caused by the enormous pressure associated with life in the family of a Hollywood celebrity.

Three years after the rehabilitation, Lattanzi, along with her boyfriend, moved to live on a farm where she launched a business for the cultivation and further sale of marijuana. This is legal in some American states. Chloe is also famous for her excessive interest in plastic surgeries.

According to the American tabloids, she spent about $500,000 on her “hobby”. Lattanzi’s nose, breasts, lips, hips and waist (according to the yellow press, she removed several ribs) underwent global changes. Gossiping acquaintances say she suffers from dysmorphophobia, or a mental disorder that makes her feel uncomfortable in her own body and constantly dream of losing weight.

Chloe herself and her mother do not comment on the metamorphosis in her appearance in any way, although subscribers often comment on her figure in Instagram and ask questions about the surgeries performed. “Big breasts don’t mean you’re stupid. Those who say this are stupid. I am glad to be a sexy, free and confident woman,” Chloe commented under one of her posts.

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