Celebs Who Went under the Knife to Keep a Man

In a desperate attempt to keep a man, some pretty women agree to an extreme method of plastic surgery and beauty injections. Do they succeed to keep their loved ones with the help of radical changes in appearance?

Kim Basinger

In 2014, the media actively discussed a passionate love affair of the film star of “9 1/2 Weeks” and her hairstylist Mitch Stone. The lovers were constantly taking their dogs for a walk, holding hands, and hugging passionately on the beaches of hot countries. However, aside from being in love, Kim seems to have developed a sense of self-doubt.

The tabloids then wrote that the boyfriend strongly influenced the style and appearance of the actress. Furthermore, it was he who became her “inspiration” when she went to the plastic surgeon’s office.

The traces of plastic surgeries are obvious (although the actress did not give official statements): the shape of the eyes was changed, the eyebrows were slightly lifted, and the facial expression almost disappeared from her face.

What happened next: Basinger and Mitch dated for about four years. There were even reports of their secret wedding. However, after 2018, information about Kim’s partner completely disappeared: there are no new pictures of the couple, though no news of their breakup has ever been released.

Gisele Bündchen

Perhaps no one would have found out that the Brazilian woman underwent mammoplasty in 2015, but then the paparazzi managed to film a woman coming out of a Parisian clinic and wearing a hijab. They immediately identified her. In People magazine, the top model admitted that she had undergone plastic surgery. Her breasts became asymmetrical after feeding two children and she wanted to feel confident in her body again.

However, not all journalists took Bündchen’s sincere story for granted. According to the yellow press, the breast augmentation was done during a difficult period in her personal life – thus the beauty wanted to keep her husband (American football player Tom Brady, whom the fashion model married 11 years ago).

What happened next was that Tom and Gisele’s marriage withstood the test of time and plastic surgery. This was part of the impetus for Bündchen’s writing career. She released her autobiography «Lessons. My Path to a Meaningful Life». She casually described what negative feelings she experienced after the surgery.

“When I woke up from the surgery, I didn’t recognize my body. The first year after the plastic surgery, I was wearing baggy clothes. I felt so uncomfortable. Fortunately, my husband still told me that I was beautiful no matter what.”

Courteney Cox

After a 14-year marriage to actor David Arquette, who was seven years older than Courteney, she left him for a younger man. Courteney Cox’s current partner, musician Johnny McDaid, is 12 years younger than her. Their romance began with a series of Botox injections. At some moment, the star of the television sitcom “Friends” was so interested in injections that she attended different events with a “frozen” face in the proper sense of the word: she could barely smile.

Two years later, Courteney stopped, took a breath, and… decided not to go on. “I am sorry about the Botox injections, but fortunately, the drug leaves the body. Yes, at that time I did not look my best. Now I want to age and grow old the way that God will give me”, she told the People magazine.
What happened next: Johnny and Courteney still love each other. They even announced their engagement, but they are in no hurry to proceed with a wedding.


Thanks to Madonna, we got the term “toy-boy”, referring to young unknown guys who for a while became “an addition” to more experienced and well-known ladies.

After an eight-year marriage with director Guy Ritchie, Madge started to fall for young boys. As a rule, the singer chose 20-year-old Africans or Latino-Americans. She briefly introduced them to celebrity parties, which helped them to conclude short-term advertising contracts with famous brands. Then, after 2-3 years, Madonna abandoned them.

Who knows what happened to the guys after they briefly showed up next to the pop diva, but the love affairs were definitely reflected on the performer’s face. It was from this period that Madonna began to mercilessly reshape her appearance for the sake of the boys who looked like her sons. There is even a joke on the Internet about it, saying that you do not need to look for someone your own age. Just wait for your younger boyfriend to be born, like the pop queen always did.

What happened next: 62-year-old Madonna found a new “victim”, 26-year-old dancer Ahlamalik Williams. They have been together for two years. It seems that one thing in this world is definitely constant – everyone changes and grows up, except the young chosen ones of the shocking star.

We remind you that the decision about plastic surgeries or beauty injections must be deliberate and well-considered, and should be based only on your personal feelings and desires rather than on the opinions of others. After all, proper makeup or other techniques can be an alternative to surgeries.