Celebrities Who Now Have Regular Jobs

With many people, Hollywood is a fabulous place, to be craved and glorified with, the place stiff with celebrities, wealth and multiple means of entertainment. That’s what it looks from the outside. Quite a lot of insiders are going to agree, too – but there are celebs and celebs, and some of them hold that having a solid job is better than flitting about the Tinseltown. They chuck the merry lifestyle and slide into the nine-to-five schedule, apparently enjoying it!

Brian May: Astronomer

Although he is still showing his guitar prowess with what used to be the iconic band Queen, rock’s favorite guitarist and songwriter has enough vim to pursue a scientific career in the field of astronomy.

May has always been studying, but when Queen became really famous, he had to drop his studies – but not for good. Returning to the fold, in 2007 he submitted his thesis on radial velocity and graduated in the following year. He is interested in furthest solar objecta and even had an asteroid named after him!

Sarah Michelle Geller’s job now: entrepreneur

Geller, known as Buffy of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” gained an enviable amount of television fame. Yet, tiring of acting after playing different parts both on TV and in the movies, she went off at a tangent and participated in FoodStirs, a cooking company whose food is prepared from ingredients that are organic and don’t contain GMO.

Mayim Bialik, neuroscientist for real

Mayim Balik was greatly committed to portraying Amy in The Big Bang Theory, but she is just as much committed to learning: while she acted, she spent 7 years studying and became a neuroscientist. In addition, she allots time for updating her creation – a channel on YouTube that can boast of something like a million subscribers.

Steve Buscemi: firefighter

In his field Steve Buscemi can handle everything: acting, producing, directing, you name it. But he is expert not only in movies. Years ago, he was a firefighter at the New York Fire Department – and not the rank-and-file one. As an able and committed performer, Buscemi was promoted Honorary Battalion Chief. He has many a meritable action under his belt, a special one being toiling voluntarily for 12-hour shifts through the week after the 9/11 tragedy to scour in the debris for survivors.

Angus T. Jones after “Two and a Half Men”: Event Planning

Jake Harper in the CBS‘s “Two and a Half Men” was portrayed by Angus T. Jones (who co-starred in company with Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer). You are not going to see him on a movie again, Jones gave up acting – but not show-business. These days he, in collaboration with Sean “Diddy” Combs‘ son Justin, is a co-founder of a multimedia and event company called, alluringly, Tonite.

Kevin Jonas: contractor

In the heyday of the Jonas Brothers band Kevin Jonas was basking in popularity, collecting girls in battalions screaming him down wherever he went. But in 2013 the band’s creativity dwindled, leaving the brothers to their own devices. Kevin went on to work as a home builder and contractor. The following year he was already showcasing himself in his new capacity on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

Shaquille O’Neal’s job now: musician, sheriff’s deputy, doctor in education

Shaquille O’Neal sure has a lot on his plate: he’s an outstanding basketball player, a sports analyst, a platinum-album rapper, and a favorite commercial personality. You might think it was enough for any man – but no. Having folded up his sports career, Shaq went for MBA and became doctor in education. He also acted as an honorary sheriff’s deputy in Georgia. That is if we say nothing about his wrestling, bond investments, developing… The list could go on and on.

Bruce Dickinson’s job now: pilot

Every heavy metal lover would say that Bruce Dickinson enjoys plenty of success and puts in a lot of energy in recording and performing. Yet we can credit him with more resources than your next man. First, Iron Maiden’s frontman is into fencing and is hailed as the seventh best fencer in Great Britain. Also, he is a conummate pilot. When the airline where he was captain and marketing director closed down, he launched his own aircraft maintenance company.

Tom Selleck’s current job: farmer

Tom Selleck hit the gold streak with television, that earned him an Emmy nomination more than once. He is best remebered by Magnum P.I., when his portrayal of Thomas Magnum brought the actor – apart from critics‘ accolade – a Golden Globe and an Emmy. You would say Selleck’s star was on the rise – and then he made up his mind to take a break, go to California and settle down at a 60-acre ranch where he and his family are busy growing avocado.

Katheryn Winnick: bodyguard and black belt in martial arts

The Vikings series‘ very own star, Lagertha’s face, Katheryn Winnick loves a good fight – on the screen or otherwise. Before she came to act, Winnick practiced marital arts and won a black belt in two of them: karate and taekwondo. To employ her prowess, she got certified as a professional bodyguard and is the owner of a handful of martial arts schools over in Canada.

Dexter Holland: molecular biologist

Science and music vied for dominance in Bryan Holland’s life, and when the band he founded, The Offspring, grew in popularity, it seemed that music had won the fight. He had to quit studying. But as time went by, the vocalist/guitarist caught up with his scientific aspiraions and resumed studying in his beloved molecular biology ending up with Ph.D. to his credit. Plus, the guy can man a plane on a professional level.

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