Celebrities Struggling with Eating Disorders

Although the world is becoming more body-positive, sadly it doesn’t mean that there are no more people who are fighting a battle for a proper attitude to eating and food. As for this country, eating disorder preys count about 10 million men and twice as many women. These disturbances range from rather mild to quite severe and exist in multiple forms resulting in a variety of outward appearances.

Eating – for an individual with disorder – can be a sensitive and even hurtful affair, and when celebrities are affected, it is only more so. With watchful eyes on them, people are apt to break down at lesser provocations. Yet some celebs chose to disclose the truth and share their eating problems so that those similarly inflicted may not feel left alone.

Demi Lovato

The actress-cum-singer underwent treatment for bulimia and anorexia, and for the next ten years has acted as a self-appointed spokesperson for her peers suffering from eating disorders. As she confessed once, she had never thought she would grow to be 21 considering the fast life she was leading. But that was some time ago, and now Lovato relies for her recovery on her general health and being fit. Fitness is what supports her in her struggle with bipolar disorder as well.

Zoe Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz’s daughter got the media interested in her story of eating disorder commencing at the tender age of 13. Zoe was feeling inferior with her small-framed mother and her dad having girls with model appearance around. Besides, at school she used to feel apart from other girls of her social stratum who didn’t belong to her ethnic group – that fact added intensity to her life and proved to be one of the factors behind her problem with food.

Taylor Swift

The singer’s fresh Netflix documentary called Miss Americana reveals a lot, in particular about her long-time secret related to eating problems aggravated by derogative comments on her body shape and unfortunate paparazzi photos. Watch her open up about the problem:

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been in the grips of bulimia and anorexia since she turned 15, and eight years ago she opened up about in on her Little Monsters site, posting photos and information about her weight fluctuation.


The top-ten recording artist ended up with a month-long recovery program in 2014 which put paid to her health issues secrets. A severe case of nutritional deprivation had begun to interfere seriously with her bodily functions by the point; her sodium levels and blood pressure were requiring immediate attention.

Jessica Alba

There was quite a story in 2019 on an In Goop Health wellness summit panel when Jessica Alba expounded on the eating disorder problems she was confronting at a time. The actress received so much unwelcome attention from men that she felt she had to do something about her curves. “I was meant to feel ashamed if I tempted men,” she said. “Then I stopped eating a lot when I became an actress. I made myself look more like a boy so I wouldn’t get as much attention.”

Princess Diana

The Princess of Wales inspired many people to be open about their health issues in 1994 when she got outspoken on the subjects of bulimia and self-mutilation. She did a lot to increase global awareness of the problem of eating disorders and made the public more knowledgeable about what it means to have bulimia.

Katharine McPheeвг

The singer’s struggle with bulimia nearly brought her to the end of both her career and her well-being. When McPhee realized she was facing a hard choice, she proved to be strong enough to opt for her vocation and put herself firmly on the path to recovery.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff had denigrating comments about her appearance thrown in her face when she wasn’t out of her teens yet. It set her off restricting herself in her eating habits and, consequently, she began to feel glum. As her weight got reduced to about 100 pounds, her family started wondering about what was going on, and the truth came out. That set her on the right path and now she eats healthy and has sufficient exercise.

Sir Elton John

The Circle of Life singer has behind him a long story of struggles, including drugs, alcohol and bulimia. It had been going on for years before he came to admit that he was having a hard time of it. But as soon as he became honest with himself, realized he was in need of aid, and got enlisted for treatment, he was able to fight off alcohol and bulimia and made his life brighter for that.

Zayn Malik

One Direction’s singer used to be heavy on eating disorders as he attempted to control his life through getting by without any food for days on end. He hoped it would make him less anxious and fretful, but in fact it drove his health to a grave dead end. Now that he has grappled with the problem and won, he understands the dangers of anorexia and the insidious way it worked on his health and his talent.

Mary-Kate Olsen

The Olsen twin has been anorexic for years and years, and one can find numerous mentions in the media how her poorly controllable condition wreaks havoc on her overall health in spite of professional interference.

Kate Winslet

With Kate Winslet harmful eating habits were a kind of professional hazard – she wanted to drop weight with the view of landing desirable roles. What used to be a means to be successful soon turned into a baleful habit, an addiction resisting control. When the actress resorted to taking laxatives for losing weight it finally dawned on her that she wasn’t heading the right way.

Acknowledging the problem and asking for help

Celebrities raising the subject openly did a lot towards a straightforward approach to eating disorders as a grave health issue. Now people are aware of consequences and can discuss their conditions without reservations, many realize they need professional assistance. It is essential the problem has to be acknowledged and help secured in good time.

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