Celebrities Marked Down by COVID-19

Celebrities cottoned on to the fact that the raging pandemic can get them under the wheels too, and bright dames like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift hurried to issue warning to their army of fans about the necessity of remaining within the four walls while the COVID-19 virus is getting busy outside. Australia’s own Tom Hanks with his wife and Rita Wilson opened up that they were down with the infection, and other famous people lined up quite soon afterwards – including those who failed, for various reasons, to have themselves tested.

So far these celebs admitted they showed positive coronavirus results:

The Hanks couple

Tom Hanks had the heart to come out in the open announcing on Instagram positive results of the coronavirus test for himself and his wife; he described them as feeling tired and experiencing body aches and slight fevers. According to him, Rita Hanks had bouts of chills. So they decided “to play things right” and took tests for the infection, which turned out to be positive.

Kristofer Hivju

About a month ago it was Kristofer Hivju, a Norwegian actor from the Game of Thrones set, who also went to Instagram to tell the news and post a photo. After his test showed positive, Hivju, experiencing slight symptomes, closed himself in at home.

Rudy Gobert

Basketball player Rudy Gobert (the Utah Jazz, NBA) owned up to having the COVID-19 infection over the Tweeter. Earlier on he was known to joke on the subject at an event, consequently touching microphones and recorders around him – facetiousness for which he offered his sincere apology.
He is now reporting his progress on his official account, claiming to grow better with each passing day.

Donovan Mitchell

Yet another Utah Jazz star player, Donovan Mitchell, in isolation with an asymptomatic case of the virus, wrote on his social sites saying that “I think that’s the scariest part about this virus is that you may seem fine.”

“The scariest part about the virus,” according to the basketball wizard, is that you cannot tell whether people walking towards you along the street are healthy or sick, and you can’t tell when you are speaking with somebody who is spreading the infection right now without being aware of it.

Christopher Cross

At the beginning of the month Christopher Cross, a Texas-born hitmaker and one of the two one-night winners of four general-category Grammy Awards (a feat equalled only this year by Billie Eilish), wrote on his Facebook page about getting a positive reaction to the COVID-19 test. “This is possibly the worst illness I’ve ever had,” Cross wrote, adding that although many cling to the belief that the virus can be some kind of chicanery spread around by conspirators, there is no doubt that the infection is very real and harmful and is threatening to engulf the world unless serious attempts and a serious approach are employed to battle it.

Prince Albert of Monaco

As recounted by the Independent, it seems to be officially confirmed by the palace that Prince Albert‘s COVID-19 test showed positive results.

Prince Charles

CNN reports that the COVID-19 infection has climbed up as high as the British throne – Prince Charles, the royal heir, upon experiencing slight symptoms, took a test which showed positive (Camilla, his wife, remain healthy). According to Clarence House statement, Prince Charles feels quite fine and keeps accomplishing his usual tasks from home. Since he had been attending a great deal of events recently it will remain undiscovered where and how he contracted the infection.

Boris Johnson

At the end of March British P.M.‘s test revealed that he wasn’t immune, either. Mr. Johnson’s Twitter page carried the news that he has „developed mild symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus.” He reports that he is working by video conferences and remains in the lead of the government’s struggle against the threat in self-isolation, the lifestyle that he urges British people to emulate.

Andy Cohen

Bravo also fell pray to the pandemic – Andy Cohen wrote about his being ill on Instagram almost a month ago.

Ali Wentworth

“I have tested positive for the Coronavirus,“ ran the Instagram post of Wentworth, actress, comedian and ABC news anchor correspondent George Stephanopoulus‘ wife. Her case turned out to be a severe one – as she describes it, „I’ve never been sicker. High fever. Horrific body aches. Heavy chest,” she wrote. “I’m quarantined from my family. This is pure misery. #stayhome.” Heed the word, all you careless ones!


Alecia Beth Moore, best known as P!nk, knuckled under at the beginning of the month. Her family members evincing the COVID-19 symptoms, she took a test and got a positive result. At the family doctor’s advice they all kept to their home for a fortnight, and subsequent tests showed that now they are in the clear. P!nk goes on on Instagram to pan the government for insufficient accessibility of coronavirus tests, calling the situation a “travesty”.

J.K. Rowling

Since there still are not enough tests for everybody (and the idea is to test only those with acute symptoms), one can refuse to undergo testing – and that was the choice of Harry Potter’s mama. Yet her Twitter messages reveal that Rowling believes she had a mild case of coronavirus for about a couple of weeks, but as for now she is absolutely healthy.

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