Most Popular Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

While the coronavirus is raging, social media-bound conspiracy exponents are only too happy to expound theories about the world on the verge of collapse, thereby splashing around fishy information and rocking the geopolitical narrative (which is beneficial for some governments).

Among those who have been vocal on the subject of the coronavirus pandemic was Bill Gates – and it has drawn attention to him from conspiracy windbags who capitalize on the virus. The Microsoft genius was looked upon as a convenient man for picking at.

Now, Bill Gates has made himself embroiled in the agenda talking the subject over at numerous interviews and arranging a $250 million pledge with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation towards creating a poweful vaccine against Covid-19. At a point he expressed a critical attitude about the U.S. government’s ill-timed reaction to the pandemic threat. Also, he is known to say that the pandemic might prove to last rather longer than people believe now.

All these made conspiracy-turned suspicious minds advance a theory that the famous billionaire had previous detailed knowledge about the pandemic.

It can be to some extent proved by a viral TED Talk speech given by the computer mastermind in 2015 in which he said that an infectious virus can be more deadly than a nuclear war, killing humanity far more effectively. Millions of people went to YouTube to listen to the speech (about 25 million, by The New York Times-provided information), and this talk is adduced by the QAnon conspiracy group and a number of anti-vaccination movements as circumstantial proof that Gates was in the know about the threat from the start, years ago.

What’s more, his wife gave out that the billionaire supposedly keeps a stock of food in his basement against a severe virus infection.

Small wonder, then, that people ask if the outbreak of the pandemic was really a pre-planned affair.

We had a 40-year warning: Wuhan-400

To be exact, it happened 39 years ago – back in 1981 bestselling writer Dean Koontz described in his novel The Eyes of Darkness a situation which resembles the current one to a shocking extent! According to Koontz – who indicated even the year with astounding accuracy – the world will be engulfed by a terrible disease that afflicts the lungs and the bronchial tubes and is impervious to any known medication. As if it weren’t enough, the author chose to recount how the outbreak started: in his version it was delivered to the US by a Chinese scientist. The infection was caused by a new biological weapon dubbed “Wuhan-400“ after the name of the city that housed RDNA labs where man-made microorganisms had been created, and the number stood for the number of the viable strain.

Now this quantity of coincidental information is sufficient to overwhelm any skeptics. Needless to say, coronavirus has already been referred to as a biological weapon, but these speculations are not to be taken seriously, although there still are people who indulge in a spy thriller story at our expense. As for Koontz’s novel, it predicts a sudden fading of the awful illness, only to return after a ten years‘ hiatus, and then it just vanishes from the face of the Earth, never to be heard of again. While fans crowd for a reissue of the title to find yet more amazing coincidences, we realize that writers may be better visionaries than futurologists.

Wuhan variations: the 5G-waves are killers

Wuhan is where the infection started, but was the virus culpable? There are also the latest 5G waves which could go destroying body cells while the blamed virus is nothing more than a harmless roamer. If we are to believe the Connectiv Events website whose January 27‘s article to that effect got shared 2500 times and over. Since Germany is now busy actualizing 5G, speculators put forward the idea that the problems 5G waves create to health are heaped on the virus instead.

Now we know for sure that tests for 5G in Germany, as well as in other European countries, have been in progress since 2019. An international commission working under the egis of WHO, the World Health Organisation, states that the 5G research revealed no tenable evidence of affecting human health adversely. Yet these facts don’t prevent the website from telling the world at large that “exposure to 5G waves causes flu-like symptoms”.

Netflix got onto the receiving end

Whom will it benefit? – was the cry of investigators of old. Globewide cinema theaters are closing down stifled by the infection; what is there to show if new instalments and releases won’t be forthcoming in the foreseeable future? These days Netflix reigns so non-repudiably that conspiracy seekers can’t bypass the glaring benefits the steaming corporation has gained from weeks of self-isolation and social distancing. It’s easy to suspect that online pastime giants have a finger in the pie.

We know from Variety’s February information that as the stock markets were toppling down worldwide Netflix showed a 0.8% rise in share price. That by itself is a great step to Olympian glory, but there is more, they had new docuseries out at the very moment the coronavirus struck. The title of the series runs – Pandemic: How To Prevent An Outbreak. It deals with how people can fare should a pandemic overtakes them. Some coincidence, that, to be explained away.

Corona ale found itself on the losing end

What’s in a name? The Mexican management of the Corona pale can tell you a lot about it! Somehow the coronal beer and the coronal virus got confused in minds, and Google registered an uprise of requests for “beer virus.” Quite a number of people punched in “Corona beer coronavirus” or something like that. Following up on that, CBS news conducted a survey among beer lovers – only to discover that the word „corona“ has become highly unpopular in the States. Over a third of beer consumers refused to touch the offendingly-named beer flatly, whereas 14% said they wouldn’t be seen drinking Corona before other people. The company’s stock price has never been as low as in March. Do you think it could be a worthy investment?

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