Brandi Glanville on Kristen Stewart's Cheating

One of those who found the Sanders-Stewart affair painfully familiar is Brandi Glanville who harked back immediately to her 2009 episode – an illicit love affair between her husband Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes, the then wife of Dean Sheremet. Rimes, 29, and Cibrian,39, were on the set of Northern Lights together. Glanville, who learned about their liaison from a report by Us Weekly, was rattled out of her senses, so now she knows how it feels. (Afterwards Cibrian and Rimes made it good by marrying in spring 2011.)

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When photographs depicting Rupert Sanders cheating on his wife Liberty Ross with actress Kristen Stewart surfaced, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and model reacted on her Twitter page. First she wrote on July 25 that she felt bad when she got to know about the cheating “bullsh-t” because she recognized the signs of a close-to-home affair: “Same story: friends with the wife and kids, and f-ck the husband when we think no one is looking.”

Glanville picked up commenting three days later – maybe because she was going to Las Vegas where mother of two was seeing her “future ex-husband” and setting herself to do what she referred to as damaging her liver! She wrote that there are usually pairs of home wreckers.

As for Liberty Ross, she shared about what it is to be a wife of a popular director when questioned by YOU Magazine a short while before Us Weekly blared out about the Rupert Sanders fling. The model said that there are times when she felt she was a single mom wholly responsible for her children – although she doesn’t like saying so.

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