8 Weirdest Celebrities

The music stage has known plenty of eccentric pranks; we can safely say that it practically collects eccentricities. Yet there are some who will stay out of the crowd, even if it is a very weird crowd. Were they born like that or is there a hint of artificiality behind the crazy façade? Probably even the wacky ones themselves can’t tell how they got to be like this… Well, the idea is to make a list of shining ones who make themselves remembered.


1. Bjork

Bjork is the singer that comes to mind at once, a combination of her outlandish name, bold appearances and outfits that serve to enhance the reputation – like the swan dress she turned up at the Oscars in.

2. Lady Gaga

Try as you can, you will hardly be able to picture Lady GaGa dressed in something ordinary or even quiet; in conformity to her stage name, she is bound to start people talking! She must have a great big book of tricks hidden away somewhere.

Lady Gaga's Makeup

3. Elton John

Sir Elton John is a bit past his prime as an eccentric leader when he was famous for his glasses, costumes, and stage pranks, but now and then he keeps up the good work and throws a party that really rocks the boat.

Elton John Calls Madonna a Stripper

4. David Bowie

Another weird mammoth from the last century is undoubtedly David Bowie, who showed a poker face and a limitless fantasy for wackiness nobody else seemed to possess. Of course he’s out of work wacky-wise these days, but he used to always be in the frontline.


5. Julian Cope

Julian Cope is still wild whether on the stage or off… Still, it doesn’t seem to stand in the way of his work in terms of records or in his hobby of collecting lore about ancient stepping stones.


6. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson built up his image, lifestyle, and his unique music style, so painstakingly and meticulously that they will continue to lure people long after his death. He is probably the first name for most people when it comes to eccentricity.

Michael Jackson - Pop Legend

7. Prince

Prince, this little singer, always on the move and wearing something highly flamboyant, ended up with quitting his name for the sake of some sort of male-female symbol. It was rumored to be done in protest, but it looks rather more than that, doesn’t it?


8. Frank Zappa

The oldest of them was probably Frank Zappa who used to play improbable rock, jazz and classical music and had an appearance that went well with it. Was it he who started the custom of giving strange names to children? His were named Dweezil and Moon Unit.


There must be much more of those who set themselves to stretch the bounds of normality as far as they could be stretched, and you may amuse yourself by making up lists of your own, there are plenty to choose from, making our lives more interesting in a way we couldn’t have imagined!

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