8 Models Who Made a Career against all Odds

Models’ parameters have long ceased to be so categorical; glossy magazines and catwalks are conquered by more and more models with an unusual appearance. Non-standard beauty is a powerful trend that can be successfully sold, focusing the consumer’s attention on the goods. Besides, it also inspires people with appearance defects and provides an opportunity not to be ashamed of one’s features.

Daphne Selfe


The oldest supermodel in the world, 85-year-old Briton Daphne Selfe considers plastic surgeries an unnecessary luxury and encourages women to preserve their figure in a natural way.


In 2012, Daphne Selfe participated in the advertising campaign of Dolce&Gabbana fall-winter collection in the image of a Sicilian woman.


Despite her impressive age, Daphne Selfe continues a successful career, which she began in the 1950s. She received a substantial fee from the leading companies.

Erica Irwin


35-year-old Californian model Erica Irwin, known under the pseudonym Yves Amazon, is considered one of the tallest models in the world thanks to her extreme height of 6 feet and 8 inches (about 2.03 meters).


At the age of 14, Erica was 177 cm tall and exceeded all the classmates and teachers in height. Over the next five years, Erica became 28 cm taller, and by the age of 19 her height stopped at 205 cm.


The highest fashion model is currently trying to lose weight (she weighs a little more than one hundred kilos) to be filmed for the Playboy magazine.



This British model was a real discovery in the world of fashion in 2013. Moffitt is an unusual model; since childhood she has been suffering from a quite noticeable squint.


However, squint did not prevent her from signing a contract with a very eminent modeling agency “Storm Models”, which once was the starting-point of Kate Moss’ career.


Most of the girls are deprived of the possibility to start a career in the modeling industry because of their disabilities, but in Moffitt’s case her squint was exactly what helped her to succeed in the fashion world.

Hanne Gaby Odiele


Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele has a very high forehead, strong cheekbones and icy eyes.


These unique features make Hanne special, but she has already advertised a collection of Valentino accessories and participated in the shows of Mulberry, Balenciaga and Vera Wang brands.


Hanne is especially popular among street photographers and fashion observers; she easily puts on branded items, combining incongruous things.

Chantelle Brown-Young


Canadian model Chantelle Browne-Young, aka Winnie Harlow, has been suffering from vitiligo – a violation of skin pigmentation – since the age of three years. But that has not prevented her from conquering the world’s catwalks.


During the shows, the audience often confuses the pigmentation of Winnie’s body with makeup.


Now Winnie presents the clothing of the Desigual brand: as you may guess, the girl was given the line with polka dot prints.


Black-and-white clothes create a very beautiful and poetic parallel with her “two-color” skin.

Diandra Forrest


Diandra Forrest is an African American albino. Her face is typical of her nationality (full lips, high forehead, taut cheekbones), although this cannot be said about the color of her skin and hair.


Diandra was born in Bronx, New York. At school, she suffered from humiliation and found comfort and understanding nowhere but at home – Diandra’s brother is also an albino.


Since 2009, Diandra has been cooperating with the well-known French and American modeling agencies. She was immediately noticed by such brands as MAC, Mirza Mperial, Norma Ishak, and Beyoncé invited her to join the video clip called Pretty Hurts.

Masha Telna


Masha Telna is a Ukrainian model with surprisingly large eyes. She is particularly admired by makeup artists because those eyes can help you realize any, even the most extreme beauty idea.


Masha was born in Kharkiv, and her first tries and photo sessions took place there. And then, having appeared on a few Ukrainian covers, she went straight to Givenchy, Nina Ricci, Dries Van Noten and YSL catwalks in Paris.


Now, this elf girl is looking at the readers of the leading glossy magazines with her wide-open eyes.

Lily McMenamy


The girl’s appearance is more than just non-standard: a big mouth, big teeth, overhanging eyelids, and a protruding nose.


However, no one is surprised that Lily has become a model. All agree on the opinion that this happened due to her mother, the famous American model Kristen McMenamy. Whatever the reason was, Lily continues to conquer the catwalks.


As we have seen, the standards of beauty have broadened and become more flexible. Some time ago, it was considered unusual to admit plus size models to the catwalk, but today even girls with disabilities or defects in appearance can afford it.

These girls have proved that beauty cannot be put within certain parameters and that beauty is something more than just the ideal figure and facial features.

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