7 Celebrities with Body Abnormalities

We have grown up top believe that stars are the epitome of beauty and perfection, but is it really so? Well, the truth is, there are some famous personalities born with deformities, which failed to detract from their attractiveness – on the contrary, these flaws tend to make them unique and standing out of the ranks. See if you can appreciate their body deformities in these instances.


1. Lily Allen – nipple


Lily Allen has probably the smallest and the cutest abnormality of them all – an extra nipple! She is actually fond of the excrescence, to the extent of baring it on TV. In the multiple nipple club we will also encounter actress Tilda Swinton, another one loving and taking advantage of her quaint addendum (she recalls threatening her brothers with it in childhood!). Mark Wahlberg will be representing the male part of the club with One direction frontman Harry Styles as chairman – the British singer counts four of ‘em! For one, Carrie Underwood thought it better to have it removed – maybe she didn’t realize at the time that it is rather a widespread phenomenon.

2. Gemma Arterton – sixth finger


The dazzling girlfriend of Bond’s looks all right, and you wouldn’t have guessed she had six fingers on both of her hands. This deformity is known as polydactyly and can be usually encountered in 0.1% of children. These extra fingers pose no danger, but they are usually removed, by surgery or by an older method of tying them up so they stop getting blood supply and fall off by themselves after a period of time. Gemma lost her extra fingers just this way.

3. Megan Fox – clubbed thumbs


Fox’s fingers are not like everyone else’s either – the gorgeous brunette has very short and stubby thumbs that look rather like toes, so some call them “toe thumbs.” Ancient palmists believed they were “murderer thumbs”, so maybe Fox’s Jennifer’s Body role came to her through magic lore channels? Anyway, the actress’ brachydactyly type D condition makes her special.

4. Kate Bosworth – differently colored eyes


Now hers is a really fetching kind of abnormality, the blonde was born with heterochromia, meaning that her right eye is hazel and her left eye is nothing like the other, it’s blue. It’s quite intriguing, and no wonder Bosworth looks fine on the covers of magazines, making herself a name in modeling. Now Mila Kunis’s eyes are different colors too, but it is due to chronic iritis, when an eye changes its color because of an illness. Kunis had had a blind eye and had to undergo surgery to restore her eyesight.

5. Karolina Kurkova – no navel


In some of her pictures Victoria’s Secret model has to have a navel photoshopped on her photograph, because her belly is really smooth and button-less. It would have been a really exciting thing if the model were born like this, but her unusually-looking body is the result of a childhood operation. What had been the reason for the operation wasn’t divulged, but in all probability it was for umbilical hernia – and the navel was deleted from her belly for good.

6. Jennifer Garner – crossover toe


Garner’s toes look slightly messy with one of them resting atop the next one; it ought to cause her foot quite a lot of discomfort at times! This condition can have been gotten through wearing undersized or wrongly-shaped shoes, and all these traipses on the red carpet in stilettos may be doing it only worse. Still, Garner will have to do it not only for herself, but also supporting her successful husband Ben Affleck who recently grabbed the Batman role.

7. Ke$ha – tail


With maybe more roots in the animal world than we (or she) can imagine, Ke$ha came into this world with an appendage that protruded some quarter of an inch further than usual, making for a hint at a tail. If she were consulted she would have kept the deformity, but it was cut off. All human fetuses have prenatal tails, but as a rule they are dealt with by white blood cells, and most babies get out without them. Ke$ha has a lore of her personal body mythology, and one of these days we may hear something about the ghost of the tail, too.

Do you think being born with a body deformity like these ones is something that makes you cuter – and probably marked for an unusual, if not scintillating, life? Has your opinion of these 7 changed because you learned their small secrets?

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