Straight Back Workout

If you stoop, this simple and effective set of exercises can be transformed into morning exercises to make your back straight and beautiful in 2 weeks!


Exercise 1

Stand with your back to the wall at the distance of one step away from it. After that, lean with your back and your bent arms behind the head against the wall. Make a calm deep breath; your hands on the wall, draw your body forward with the maximum deflection of the back. After this, exhale slowly and return to the starting position. Perform the exercise 6-8 times at a slow pace.

Exercise 2

Stand at the same distance, but with your face to the wall. Your straight arms should be resting on the wall in front of you. Breathe and flex forward as much as possible, trying to touch the wall with your breast. Your feet should remain in the same position, so you have to bend at the waist as much as possible. After this, exhale and move back to the previous position; repeat the exercise 6-8 times.

Exercise 3

For this exercise, you need a gymnastic stick or any other stick. You are standing straight, with your feet placed shoulder-width apart, holding the stick in the lowered hands. Inhale and bend forward, keeping your back straight. At the same time, your straight arms raise as high as possible. While exhaling, relax, bend your back and move your arms down. This is followed by a new breath; straighten your back and raise your hands as high as possible again. While exhaling, take a straight position, move your arms down, and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

Exercise 4

On all fours, with your arms straight, bend as much as possible, moving your head closer to the back and lifting your right leg straight. While exhaling, return to the starting position. Perform the exercise 8 times, changing the feet in turn.

Exercise 5

Stand behind the back of the chair at the distance of a little more than your usual step, put your straight arms on the back of the chair. While inhaling, bend forward keeping your arms straight. In this case, try to pull the head back as much as possible and bend your back. While exhaling, return to the starting position. If you are fit enough (if you have been training for more than a month) you can try to perform the exercise faster, springing with your back when bending. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.

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