Run on Tiptoes to Get Slim

Researchers at the Harvard University discovered natural mechanisms responsible for gaining extra weight in women. It turned out women get bigger because they move little and don’t run on tiptoes. The findings were reported by American research team led by Daniel Lieberman. The scientists did a lot of experiments involving professional athletes and non-athletes.


They found that walking barefoot on the grass and running on tiptoes can help maintain good fitness level and keep your weight down. Moreover, you can use this method to lose weight fast and easy. Even women with a body that is not much to look at may gain ballet dancer’s nice curves. This kind of exercises develops a certain body posture that prevents slouching. Fat deposits are the major cause of stooped back, but it’s really hard to run on tiptoes like ballet dancers do if you have a stooped posture. Specialists suggest developing a new fitness program based around tiptoes exercises.

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