The Only Way of Writing the Right Fitness Plan

The gym is the best possible excuse when you don`t want to go to someplace. In case you`re invited to a party that will make you sick the moment you appear there, you just go with a lifesaving phrase “Sorry, I usually go to the gym at this time”. And that`s it. Instead of being rude, you just seem to be fit and healthy. This is a life hack of all times. However, it`s not the only reason why you need to finally start using that gym membership card that has been lying in your bag for ages.

Exercising is good for your body (because nobody has canceled “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”), health (it doesn`t require any kind of an explanation), and mind (studies reported that working out and lifting weights, in particular, protect you from depression). In fact, sports is so crucial for your wellbeing that even universities which are choking us with student loans and dormitory rent prices often provide students with free gym memberships.

That`s probably why I started exercising. I`ve got to tell you, exercising may turn into an addiction if you don`t have the right plan (and that`s what we`re here for). I got a bit obsessed with physical activity, and it seemed that it was never enough. I had to run more, jump more, and I even ditched some lectures just to get to my step-aerobics class in time. It would be really disappointing to be fit but jobless because I could have got expelled from the university eventually if it hadn’t been for a trick I came across online.

I found this team of academic writers who were like: “Hey, girl, we do your essay, you do your work out, and we`re good”. It was practically a perfect match. But let’s at least try to stick to the plan, fine?

Inconsistency Is Great in This Situation

You know that you`re supposed to work out regularly. But does it mean regularly three times a week or regularly every day? Well, the golden rule is having one day (sometimes two days) between training sessions. But always try to mix it up a bit. If you work out every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, then you need to change the days of the week because your body will get used to those specific breaks between gym sessions and they won`t be as effective.

Also, the diversity of your routine is absolutely crucial. If you have the same plan for every workout, it won`t lead to any desirable results because yet again, your muscles get used to that exercising routine and it`s not challengeable enough anymore. It will be absolutely perfect if you could write a new plan for every gym session. It`s not just about stretching or weight lifting but about cardio as well.

Throw out All Yummy Goodies

Except for fruits and honey. I`m truly sorry to bring it down to you, but according to a scientific study, your diet makes up to 75% of your weight loss and fitness success. So even if you run 10 miles per day and eat a couple of chocolate cakes after coming home from the gym, then you won`t see any results. Include diet into your workout plan. No, it doesn`t mean that you can eat something while exercising.

Only water, girl, only water. By the way, don`t believe the idea that you`re not allowed to get hydrated while exercising. Always drink water as much as you need.

Don`t eat 1.5 hours prior to a gym session and after it, you`d better get yourself filled with proteins. It can be a chicken salad, cottage cheese, eggs or whatever it is you prefer. Never exclude the right diet from your fitness plan.

It`s Not the Most Energetic Time

There are two types of ladies: those who keep on working out hard while being on a period and those who ditch the gym for a week at all. Both approaches are wrong. You need to slow down a bit with certain types of weightlifting, crunching, and working on your abs. Cardio is still more than welcomed unless you feel severe cramps. Gynecologists claim that running may actually ease PMS and the period pain. So, keep on being fit no matter what time of the month it is.

Jenny May is a blogger, freelance writer, and a fitness freak. She enjoys sharing all she knows about a healthy living and exercising with the world.

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