Fitness Leads to Early Menopause

Going in for sports has a general positive effect on the body. However, the women, who are very actively involved in fitness and keep to a diet, can overdo it and trigger the appearance of early menopause symptoms.


This is the warning that women could hear from the Japanese scientists. For 10 years, they had been observing 3,100 women, who had not had menopause by the beginning of the study. When the experts analyzed the results, it turned out that the participants, who were involved in sports for 8-10 hours a week, were 17 % more likely to join the group of the women with menopausal symptoms in comparison with those, who were leading a less active lifestyle.

In addition, early menopause is often manifested in the women, who consume polyunsaturated fats, found in fish and plant foods. According to the specialists, health food fans have 15% higher risk of an earlier menopause in comparison with the women, whose diet does not include an abundance of such products.

The women, who are actively involved in sports and eat healthy food, experience less impact of the estrogen hormone on the body. It helps scientists explain the phenomenon of healthy lifestyle influence on the onset of menopause. However, experts point out that the link between physical activity and women’s health does not mean that one is a direct cause of the other. In their strong opinion, sports and proper nutrition in any case bring a woman’s body more benefit than harm.

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