Belly Dance – Beautiful, Sensual and Healthy

Beautiful Belly DanceDo only those having a fat belly can dance belly dance? No, thin women can do it too, even men can. Though belly dance originated in Arabian countries where women have limited rights, have to hide their sexuality, cover their bodies and in some countries – even faces, so that nobody sees their beauty except for their husbands, it IS extremely sexy and fascinating. Below the article you will find a video showing how sexy belly dance is.

What is Belly Dance

Belly dance has a long history in the Middle East and Africa. There exist different theories of the origins of belly dance: some say it came from Greece, some state, from Egypt, according to the other version, it comes from Romani people. One of the theories even explains the origins of belly dance as a form of a religious dance. The one is clear: belly dance improves the well-being sense, good body image, high self-esteem – it makes one beautiful.

Belly dance includes the following basic movements: hip rotations, hip shimmies, snakelike head movements, serpentine arms, and abdominal undulations. Each of them can be combined in different ways and create an incredible flowing motions. The belly dance is, though it is called so, the entire body dance.

Healthy Belly Dance

Belly dance is very good for women’s health. It provides a better circulation and blood flow in the dancing areas and thus helps many women who suffer from PMS and other menstrual discomfort. During a dance course you learn a new way of breathing, which you don’t practice in everyday life. This breath type is used by singers and wind instruments players and is the base of the belly dance (for example, during the abdominal undulation the dancer focuses on breath, but not on moving the muscles). Belly dancers need to breathe with their bellies, not lungs, and this brings more oxygen to the internal organs.

Dancing provides a good cardiovascular workout and increases flexibility and strength. It means the ability of moving different muscles or muscle groups independently. You build arm, finger, shoulder and general upper-body strength. It’s excellent for all ages and body types. The muscles of the body also become stronger and look more attractive.

Many women complain that when they walk or run, their belly starts to shake and it looks disgusting and sometimes it can even make some feel depressed, because they don’t know, how to get rid of the belly fat. Belly dance is the only action where a shaking belly is beautiful. Let your belly dance!

Here is a video proving how sexy belly dance is – a video from one of the concerts of Shakira with my favorite song “Eyes like yours” which unfortunately has not become so popular as her other hits.

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