9 Habits Women Stick to After Getting a Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a wonderful reminder of a healthy life full of movement – it’s more than fashion, your Apple Watch (or a FitBit, or a Jawbone UP, or another device that grabbed your fancy) is an incitement to conquer new heights. How good you feel once you noticed you’ve set a new personal jogging record, and you wilt a little as you see that the days’ norm has not been achieved.


As the moving-and-checking habit is growing upon you, the trackers begin to… m-m… sort of govern your life. You haven’t even noticed that they made you adopt habitual behaviors that may seem a bit funny to some of your friends… But are quite all right with those who understand! Check with this list of nine fitness tracker-inspired acivities to see how deep you’re in it!

  1. Before retiring for the night you cut circles around the room – and go on cutting them before you complete your minimum of 10,000 steps. Do you stop at this or do some more?
  2. Taking a glance at someone else’s tracker fires you up to do more! You have good reasons to feel competitive, because while they do the 10,000 bit, you can easily do more by one or vene two thousand!
  3. When you come to the gym and find out that you left your tracker behind, you drive back home. Naturally. You do want to get this workout taped properly alongside all the rest, it can’t be anything else.
  4. As you go through the motions, you forget all about efficiency. What a way to clock up steps by carrying the laundry to the basket that stands a few wide strides away from where it should stand for max comfort.
  5. You like to count in shopping in your mind. You did your daily 5,000 in the morning, but what about this walk about the mall? It may have made the number twice as much.
  6. As the day is wearing on, you keep reading your progress at intervals. It’s an irresistible urge. Do you do it openly, pretend that you’re only adjusting the tracker or wait until the people around look away?
  7. All your friends know about your highest counts. When did you do this, how, what your reaction was. You’re only too glad to tell about it again and again to everyone who cares to listen.
  8. A broken elevator makes you happy. You feel that you are better fit to negotiate those steps than most of your co-workers, and here’s a good reason to show it!
  9. You experience a rush of emotions when you check the number on the screen. Your daily results begin to matter more and more – maybe out of proportion a little? Even so, it’s for your own good, and you feel fine and active!