What Are White Spots on Nails?


We are sure many women have noticed unattractive weird white spots on nails (leukonychia). They are generally very small and have a form of lines and dots.


Unfortunately, every woman is sooner or later faced with such a problem; nevertheless, it is quite simply solved.

How to Detect Leukonychia?

This cosmetic defect is very easy to distinguish from the others. The nail itself looks dryish (devoid of shine) and its surface has one or more small gaps of various shapes. In this case, the skin around the nail plate itself does not hurt or cause much discomfort.

5 Causes of White Spots on Nails?

  • Today, it is accepted among cosmetologists that the appearance of small spots on the nail plate is directly related to the lack of vitamins, trace elements, and minerals in the human body. Part of this statement is justified by clinical studies: when there is a lack of calcium in the body, the first sign will be white spots on the nails.
  • On the other hand, spots on nails can be caused by improper or poor-quality cosmetics . Unattractive white markings can be caused by a cheap nail polish, and overdue hand cream.
  • Great harm to our nails is done by household products, which are very aggressive in nature. Very often spots on the nails appear after washing the dishes without the use of gloves.
  • The appearance of white dots can be caused by mycosis. In this case, the nail will constantly remind of itself with itching.
  • Finally, another cause of the annoying white spots can be a mechanical injury of the nail plate.

Vitamins Deficiency Lead to White Dots on Nails

But recent studies have proven that vitamin deficiency is not the main reason for “blooming” nails. Leukonychia is directly related to the disorders of internal organs, such as thyroid or liver.

Leukonychia Treatment Tips

To solve this problem you need an integrated approach:

  • Be sure to visit the general practitioner, get tested to find out what is wrong in the body;
  • Have a consultation with a dermatologist or beautician to understand the cause of the spots;
  • Buy high-quality multivitamins to cope with avitaminosis.
  • Include herbs into your diet: dill, lettuce and spinach;
  • Make paraffin baths for nails, which will help to partially hide the ugly dots on the nail plate;
  • Buy high-quality medical care cream for hands and nails;
  • Develop a habit of washing the dishes and do hand washing in gloves.

Do not forget that only a comprehensive leukonychia treatment will help you get rid of white and yellowish spots on the nails.