Time To Debunk The Most Common Myths About Teeth


We have all heard about false beliefs regarding our bodies and health, from grandparents and relatives. Despite modern technologies that medicine has to offer, we still have home remedies and old traditional healing methods and myths to ourselves. We believe in many false facts. It’s hard to say what is truth and what is false. Even with Google and other search engines giving us the answers to all our questions, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Where do these myths come from anyway? They are not like gossip. It’s not like a group of friends are sitting around the table in a coffee shop and making up these facts. They come from past beliefs about medicine and the medical field.

We all know the steps that humanity took to come to this point of development in medicine. Primitive human beings started from using mud, water, vegetation, and other natural sources to heal diseases. There was even a time when people believed that letting blood out of a human body could cure the diseased. This activity is known as bloodletting, and surgeons in Europe commonly used it until the end of the 18th century. Not that we perform bloodletting surgeries now, but some people still believe that it has actual healing powers.

Some myths flow around the dental field too. Many of us believe false facts about teeth. Who’s to blame? Do we criticize past beliefs and foundings? Or do we blame ourselves for not digging deeper into dental education? Either way, you should check your dental facts with a professional. It’s never too late to find a comfortable and trustworthy clinic like Perfect Smile Spa. You’d be glad to learn about dental practices from a professional. Meanwhile, let’s debunk some dental myths together.

Myth Number 1: You need to brush harder to clean teeth better

You might think that this myth is outdated. But you’ll be amazed to learn how many people believe that brushing harder means cleaning better. Remember when you were a kid and you’d brush your teeth hard because that’s what cleaning better was? And after some time you realized you were harming yourself?

Brushing too hard and rough can lead to bloody and damaged gums. Hard brushing means cleaning better only if we are not talking about our bodies. Our bodies are smooth and sensitive. Use gentle strokes and smooth brushing to clean the teeth better. And don’t forget about the tongue.

Myth number 2: You should always brush your teeth after a meal

This myth travels around the globe. You might have even witnessed a fight over this particular fact. Some say that there is two type of people: Those who brush their teeth after every meal, and those who do not.

You might think that by brushing your teeth after every meal, you are protecting your teeth. But you already have defense mechanisms like enamel and saliva. In reality, you are damaging the teeth even more after brushing them after eating. Acidic fluids in your mouth will weaken enamel a bit. And by brushing your teeth after consuming acidic liquids and foods, you are scrubbing away enamel too.

Myth number 3: Bleaching can weaken your teeth

Who doesn’t dream about healthy-looking white teeth for those Hollywood red carpet days? But most of us are afraid to get close to cosmetic dentistry.

Studies have shown that overusing some teeth whitening tools and medications can result in enamel erosion. Experienced people even state that common side effects are present. Increased sensitivity of teeth and gums are normal. But using teeth whiteners won’t damage the structure of your teeth. The aftermath depends on your dental habits and structure of your teeth, so you need to consult with a professional before you decide to bleach your teeth.

Myth number 4: Switching from cold to hot beverages (foods) can crack your teeth

Has your mom ever told you not to drink hot tea right after drinking cold beverage? Have you ever experienced pain or discomfort while mixing two different temperature drinks and food? It led you to believe that your teeth would crack if you’d do so.

The adult human body has enough abilities to get used to every temperature change, in case it’s not drastic and sudden. As we get older, our teeth start to wear out and crack. But temperature changes are not to blame. Just try not to drink hot lava after a cold drink.

Myth number 5: Chewing gum equals brushing

Many believe that chewing gum is the same as brushing your teeth. Sure it feels cleaner after chewing gum, and it smells minty too. But chewing gum doesn’t even come close to what brushing your teeth does.

Chewing gum helps produce saliva to get rid of the acidic particles that can harm enamel. Chewing gum can prepare the stomach acids for further digestion. But it will never be able to get rid of particles that stick on your teeth. You can’t clean your tongue and inside of the cheeks with gum.

Myth number 6: White teeth are the healthiest teeth

We would love to have white teeth. It would surely boost confidence. We would smile a lot often and feel healthier. White teeth are healthy in general, but it doesn’t mean that darker shades are not. Tea, coffee, medications and other, can darken the color of our teeth. But it doesn’t mean that they are unhealthy.

We still believe in many other myths, but it’s time to debunk them. Read more, research yourself or consult with a professional to update your dental knowledge.