Zodiac Stuff: 10 Ways Your Sign Affects Your Relationships And Finance


Are you curious about how your star sign is affecting your relationships?

Whether you’re into Zodiac stuff or not, tracking what your sign says about you can be revealing. In fact, astrology isn’t a new age thing – it’s been around for centuries.

Rumor has it that astrological records were officially used as early as the first dynasty of Mesopotamia.

You don’t have to be an astrologer to interpret your Zodiac sign. Even a basic knowledge of the stars and their influence on your pursuits is sufficient.

In this post, we discuss the ten ways your sign affects your finances and your closest relationships. Read on for insight.

1. Your Sun Sign Influences Your Personality

A lot of people assume your zodiac sign is the only thing that influences the way you live your life.

Truth be told, your zodiac sign designates a time of year that you were born: Scorpios, for example, were born between October 23rd and November 21st.

Astrologers have long noted the relationship between the position of the stars at birth and the personalities of those born at that time.

Yet, your zodiac sign is only part of the deal. Your sun sign is also important. Basically, your sun sign designates the position the sun was in when you were born.

In most cases, your sun sign is the same as your zodiac sign. But sometimes, it’s not. The sun doesn’t always occupy the same positions at all days of the year. Someone who thinks they are a Pisces may, in fact, be an Aquarius.

Your sun sign can say a lot about who you are, especially if your sun sign differs from your zodiac sign. Consequently, it can say a lot about how you handle relationships and money.

Those with a Sagittarius sun sign, for example, may be hard-working, but they struggle to hold onto money itself. If you have a Sagittarius sun sign and a different zodiac sign, you may approach money from two perspectives.

2. Mercury’s Placement Can Affect Your Communication

At any given time, the planets are whirling around us. Their positions in relation to your zodiac and sun signs can actually influence behavior.

Find out your Virgo or Cancer horoscope today to learn more about what planetary influences are in play.

Mercury, in particular, is known to affect communication. Communication can be paramount in intimate relationships–and even in matters concerning money.

Knowing where Mercury was when you were born, may also say a lot about who you are in a relationship and out of it.

If you were born when Mercury was in Pisces, for example, you may be the dreamy lover in your relationship. Your vivid imagination may mean that a lofty, poetic kind of romance is ideal for you.

3. Some Signs Are Better With Money Than Others

Yes, our zodiac signs can influence the way that we handle money. While it’s important to keep planetary influences and sun signs in mind, your zodiac sign can give you an approximate idea of how you deal with finances.

Some signs are better with money than others. Capricorns, touting the sign of the goat, for example, are more likely to accrue a solid income.

Libras, however, like to indulge in personal luxuries, and while they may make good money, they often fritter it away on things that make them feel good.

Keep in mind that your zodiac sign does not determine the way you approach personal finances–but it can shed insight into those dollars in your bank account.

4. Love May Not Be Casual for Certain Signs

Some signs are more likely to be invested in long-term, monogamous relationships than others. For example, individuals with Taurus signs are incredibly reliable. When they enter a relationship, they are more likely to remain devoted and loyal.

Commitment-phobes, on the other hand, are more likely to have signs in Aquarius, Aries, or Libra.

Before entering a relationship, check on your partner’s sign to get a sense of how they may view that partnership.

5. Saturn is the Planet of Challenge

Much like Mercury, Saturn is a powerful planetary influence. Learning about where Saturn was when you were born–and where it is now–can tell you more about how you feel about love and money.

Saturn is considered the planet of challenge. When it appears as an ascendant in your astrological chart, this can indicate your need to be patient. Saturn’s presence may suggest you are being tested in some way.

If you are having troubles in your romantic relationship, check out where Saturn is. It may be related.

6. Rising Signs Say it All

Your Rising Sign is the sign that was coming to life when you were born. Astrologers often maintain that this is the most important sign of all.

A Capricorn who seems rebellious on the outside, for example, may have a rising Aquarius sign. Individuals with this rising sign are often slightly combative, despite Capricorns generally being goal-driven people.

If you feel as if your personality doesn’t quite match up with common lore about your zodiac sign, check out your rising sign.

7. Your Sign May Affect Your Credit Score

Your credit score can play a key role in your ability to establish lines of credit throughout your life. An assessment of your “creditworthiness,” your credit score can pave the way to a new home, car, or other investment.

The stars may not have 100% sway with credit scores, but they may give you insight into why your score isn’t where you want it to be (or vice versa).

Saggitarius may, for example, be in line for higher credit scores. Pisces signs, on the other hand, often face the lowest.

8. Your Sign Compatability Says A Lot

Your relationship’s success rate may depend on whether or not your signs are compatible. Some signs definitely get along better with others; incompatibility can lead to fizzling relationships or even toxicity.

Geminis and Aries, for example, are matches made in heaven. Scorpios may find luck with other Scorpios, but definitely with Pisces.

9. Look to The Stars to Learn How You Heal

Recovering from a toxic relationship takes time. Your zodiac sign may give you clues as to how you can heal from a broken heart, no matter how it occurred.

A Cancer, for example, is more likely to turn to tears (as a Water sign) to heal than a Taurus, who seeks out isolation to nurture depression. Leos can face sadness head-on while Virgos over-analyze to the point of obsession.

10. Jupiter is the Santa Clause of the Universe

Is abundance in your future? Check out Jupiter’s position to find out. Jupiter’s planetary influence is often positive, resulting in abundance – either financial or romantic – in our lives.

If Jupiter is in Cancer, for example, good news is likely on the way.

Final Thoughts: Zodiac Stuff

Zodiac stuff isn’t just for astrologers.

Your zodiac sign can say a lot about who you are. The position of the planets and the sun can also shed light on how you perceive love, money, and other crucial factors of your life.

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