Snowga: Yoga & Snowsports in One


New kinds of yoga constantly appear, and almost every six months we can see how different it can be. For example, at the end of 2014, the so-called “gay” yoga, or Ganja Yoga (fun is achieved by passive smoking of marihuana), was reported. A year earlier, naked yoga was trendy, and in early 2015, the “snow” trend in yoga originated.


Snowga includes exercises under the snow and on the snow. The popularity of snowga has been rising due to a snowy and cold winter, which was observed in the United States last winter.

However, snowga appeared earlier. The New York Times edition writes that instructors often practice exercises in the snow and use elements of snow yoga to warm up before skiing.

What trend do you think will be devised next? Yoga in the rain, yoga on the run, or skating yoga?