4 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soft Drinks


Soft drinks are totally unhealthy, no matter what brand you choose. What you get is just plenty of useless calories. But here is another thing about sodas. Some heath experts argue that soft drinks are as bad for your health as smoking. Check out four reasons to stop drinking sodas.

Soft drinks

1. Excessive weight gain

Researchers at the University of Texas discovered that an average soft drink increases the risk of obesity by 32.8 per cent, while diet coke increases the risk up to 54.5 per cent! So “diet” doesn’t always mean better.

2. Useless calories

Most sodas contain 250 calories per 20 oz. Soft drinks don’t have any nutrients and minerals in them. Two major ingredients are sugar and caffeine.

3. Addiction

Soft drinks may cause a kind of addiction. What stimulates the addiction is caffeine contained in soft drinks. Once you withdraw from a soft drink, you may experience such symptoms as headache, depression, nervousness and shivering.

4. Risk of heart conditions

According to the report published by the American Heart Association in Circulation Journal in 2007, people who drank coke every day increased their risk of metabolic syndrome by 44 per cent, a condition that increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Source of the image: photl.com.